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Kareem Jackson leading by example

Now heading into his fifth Texans training camp, Kareem Jackson is still a student of the game as he expands his duties to include both slot and perimeter corner.

"At some point, I've been on the inside whether it's last year or the year before last," Jackson said on Sunday. "To be in there a lot more, is definitely a change. But for me, learning the defense, learning where my help is, learning my drops into zone coverages. I definitely try to learn new stuff each and every day in some way that can help me in this defense."

The veteran corner sets an example for the rookies and younger players. Training camp is a grind but hard work is necessary to succeed, he advises the younger players. With head coach Bill O'Brien leading practice, Jackson says the energy level and expectations are high.

"He's just so enthusiastic about everything, every aspect of the game," Jackson said. "Paying attention to the little details, doing all the fundamentals right and just being a total student of the game."

During camp, Kareem Jackson can be seen encouraging the younger defensive backs. Coaches use him to demonstrate proper mechanics during the learning portions of practice. He's considered a worker and a leader by O'Brien and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.

"A slot corner has to have quickness, has to have strength, has to have awareness and has to be able to, relative to the strength, be able to tackle," O'Brien said in June. "Because they can be a force player verses certain formations. Middle runs that they see they have to be able to tackle. It is a position that is very tough to play. When you have a guy like Kareem (Jackson) that is doing that for us right now, who can play outside and inside, he's a guy that is playing inside for us...these are guys that are very competitive guys."


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