Kevin Johnson logged time, "did some decent things"

Kevin Johnson played a lot on Saturday night.

29 plays on defense and six plays on special teams.

He was in at corner for 71 percent of the team's defensive snaps. That was by far, the most on the defense. The next closest in terms of play percentage were Christian Covington and Louis Nix, III. The young defensive line duo logged 49 percent of the defensive snaps.

"Getting my legs under me for my first game, and seeing how it is out there, going against a helmet that I've been looking at all my life," Johnson said. "Getting that out of the way, it felt good."

The 2015 first rounder "did some decent things consistently", according to Bill O'Brien. But the head coach has been more impressed with how the rookie's conducted himself since the day after he was drafted.

"Right from the day he walked in here—I've been impressed with his maturity, his routine," O'Brien said. "He has a consistent daily approach and I think that's going to help him and it helped him last night."

The Wake Forest cornerback finished with a pair of tackles, and a positive mindset. But he knows there's still work to be done.

"I felt like I had an overall pretty good game," Johnson said. "Some things I need to work on, just as a whole, communication on the back end. Everybody being on the same page. I want to be better at everything."

O'Brien said Johnson "made some plays" that were good to see, and some Texans veterans like Kareem Jackson and Johnathan Joseph also were quick to give him advice on the sideline.

"Everything I was doing, they were letting me know what I could have done better, or what to expect," Johnson said. "Things like that. Kind of a little birdie in my ear."

Johnson and the Texans will practice on Monday morning at the Houston Methodist Training Center, and will host the Denver Broncos on Saturday night at NRG Stadium.


View photos from the 49ers-Texans game at NRG Stadium on August 15th.

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