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Kubiak: Player Updates 7/30


Head coach Gary Kubiak gave an update on several players after Tuesday's training camp practice.

-Inside linebacker Evan Frierson will miss a few days with a shoulder injury he incurred Tuesday.

"From the morning, Frierson's got a shoulder that's probably going to miss a few days," head coach Gary Kubiak said Tuesday afternoon.

-Tackle Brennan Williams did not participate in the afternoon practice due to an issue with his knee.

"Brennan Williams is going to get an MRI," Kubiak said. "His knee swelled up on him a little bit again, so we're taking a look at that. That's where he's at this afternoon. Other than that, we'll find out where we're at in the morning.

"He's taken a lot of steps forward. Hopefully, today's not a step backwards. I don't know. He did finish practice, just had some swelling. The way we work here, in the middle of the day, if we've got to send somebody over to get a look or something, they're going to miss our afternoon stuff. Don't read anything into it. Let's see where we're at in the morning."

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