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Lovie Smith Explains Why Rookie Minicamp Was Special | Daily Brew

Lovie Smith and the Texans just wrapped up a special weekend.

The team's rookies went through a minicamp, and while it was mainly an orientation session, Smith explained to the media why he was so enthused heading into the time with the young players.

"Yeah, I've done it a few years, but I felt the same way," Smith said. "It's something about getting a group together for the first time. It's something about getting around a group that's been waiting for this opportunity all their life. That's the case with our guys. I feel like we really got a chance to know them. Having that first meeting, setting the standard on what we're trying to do with our program and just teaching them the Texan way, and you can't put a price on that. It's just special to be in that situation."

After going through medical exams and meetings on Thursday, the rookies actually hit the field on Friday and Saturday. Meetings were sandwiched around that work time at the Houston Methodist Training Facility, and Defensive Back Jalen Pitre described what he and his teammates absorbed.

"It's all about being a professional and doing things the right way, making sure you are being respectful to all of those around you and just of your space," Pitre said. "I think when you do that you end up being successful in wherever you are and whatever you are doing. That's kind of the main things that Coach is preaching right now."

Linebacker Christian Harris was taken a round behind Pitre, who went in the second, and he enjoyed the process.

"It's fun for me honestly," Harris said. "I'm obviously with some guys that I know and I think for all of us we are excited. It's an opportunity to be in the NFL. It's obviously our first time so we are pretty excited for it."

The rookies and veterans will begin voluntary Organized Team Activities (OTAs) starting next Monday at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

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