Mock Draft Survey 6.0: QB is the call?

If the 2017 NFL Draft goes the way the experts say, Patrick Mahomes, II will be a Texan.

The Texas Tech quarterback was picked by 10 out of 30 experts in the latest Mock Draft Survey. That's more than double the amount of votes his next closest competitors garnered.

Mahomes was the choice in the 5th iteration of the Mock Draft Survey, which came out over a week ago. Out of 30 notable mock drafts, the Red Raider signal caller pulled in a third of the votes, while North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky and Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer each were chosen four times by prognosticators.

Mahomes lit up college football with 5,052 passing yards and 41 touchdowns last season. He completed 65.7 percent of his passes and was picked off just 10 times. He also ran for a dozen scores on the ground as well.

In all, 19 of 30 mock drafts had the Texans taking a quarterback in the first round. Nine of the 30 had an offensive lineman going to Houston at 25, and two mock drafters pegged a safety to the Texans.

Houston's chosen a quarterback in the first round of the draft once, when they selected David Carr with the first overall pick in 2002.

Bleacher Report (M. Miller)QB Patrick Mahomes, II, Texas Tech3/17/17
CBS Sports (W. Brinson)QB Patrick Mahomes, II, Texas Tech3/16/17
CBS Sports (D. Brugler)QB Patrick Mahomes, II, Texas Tech3/13/17
CBS Sports (J. Dubin)QB Patrick Mahomes, II, Texas Tech3/21/17
CBS Sports (P. Prisco)QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina3/16/17
CBS Sports (R. Rang)QB DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame3/13/17
CBS Sports (R. Wilson)OL Cam Robinson, Alabama3/8/17
DraftTek.comQB DeShaun Watson, Clemson3/18/17
DraftWire/USA Today (L. Easterling)QB Patrick Mahomes, II, Texas Tech3/16/17 (M. Kiper, Jr.)OL Cam Robinson, Alabama2/15/17 (T. McShay)QB Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina3/15/17
FOX Sports (P. Schrager)OL Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin3/21/17
Houston Chronicle (J. McClain)QB Patrick Mahomes, II, Texas Tech3/18/17
Houston Chronicle (A. Wilson)S Jabrill Peppers, Michigan3/18/17
MMQB (E. Kaplan)QB Patrick Mahomes, II, Texas Tech3/7/17
Newsday (N. Klopsis) QB DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame3/14/17 (B. Brooks)QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina3/20/17 (C. Casserly)OL Cam Robinson, Alabama3/7/17 (D. Jeremiah)OL Garett Bolles, Utah3/13/17 (C. Reuter)QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina3/15/17 (L. Zierlein)OL Garett Bolles, Utah2/22/17
Pro Football Focus (S. Palazzalo)QB Patrick Mahomes, II, Texas Tech3/16/17
The Ringer (D. Kelly)OL Forrest Lamp, W. Kentucky3/14/17
Rotoworld (J. Norris)QB DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame3/13/17 (D. Kadar)QB DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame3/20/17 (C. Burke)QB Patrick Mahomes, II, Texas Tech3/15/17
Sporting News (E. Galko)S Justin Evans, Texas A&M3/20/17 (C. Campbell)OL Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin3/20/17 (W. Cherepinksy) QB Patrick Mahomes, II, Texas Tech3/15/17
Washington Post OL Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin3/21/17

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