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More carries? New rule? Offensive tinkering? | Dear Drew

Gavin Parks – Dear Drew, Will Dameon Pierce get more carries in the next game?
DD: Yes, Gavin. Your question is a good one, and was asked by plenty of fans this week. Head Coach Lovie Smith said in Monday's press conference that the rookie will get more touches. Pierce carried the ball 11 times for 33 yards against Indianapolis, and also caught a pass for six yards. He'll get more action on Sunday in Denver, as Smith said "when you look back, you can't defend the amount of reps our starting tailback got in some of those situations. I wish he had gotten more and we're going to work to get him more of those opportunities."

David Hyde – Dear Drew, Will we see Brevin Jordan involved in the offense this week against Denver?
DD: I think so. The second-year tight end caught a pass for five yards, and was targeted one other time. I believe that number will rise, though. In training camp it looked like Jordan would be a target who'll line up all over the field. I think we'll see that be the case as the season progresses, and perhaps as soon as this Sunday. He can definitely be a matchup problem because he's bigger than most corners and safeties.

Stuart Bernstein – Dear Drew, Why aren't they showing the field goal kicks on the big screen at the stadium anymore? Is it a new league rule?
DD: Yes, Stuart, it is a new rule. Too many teams were putting up distracting videos and LED graphics that the NFL Competition Committee made the change this offseason. Now, a still graphic must be put up on the video board and LED boards from when the kicker lines up to kick, until after the ball goes through the uprights/misses the uprights.

Pamela Kennedy - Dear Drew, Why do you think the Texans ran "out of gas" per Coach Lovie?
DD: I don't know whether he used those words or not, but some on the Texans defense played all 92 snaps. That's a lot. If he used those words, that's what I'm guessing he referred to.

TORO, 2.0 - Dear Drew , Will Coach consider starting Jeff Driskel as QB?
DD: No. Mills is the starter. Driskel was brought in as the Wildcat quarterback, and got five yards and a first down for the Texans. He's an excellent runner, and showed great athleticism on the play. But Mills is the starter.

Erick Escobar – Dear Drew, What is your favorite memory of the Texans?
DD: I have a zillion, but I gotta go with the win at Cincinnati to clinch the team's first playoff berth AND the first playoff win at NRG Stadium a month later. There's nothing like the first time, and those two days were exceptionally memorable.

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