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MVP? Flex scheduling? 2026 World Cup? | Fans Wanna Know

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Eric Bishop: Dear Drew, What are C.J. Stroud's chances at MVP?
DD: He has a chance, but the Texans definitely have to keep winning and get into the playoffs. If they do, Stroud will have undoubtedly played really well. He's been outstanding thusfar in 2023. Based on stats alone, he's in the argument. But based on what this franchise has looked like over the last few years and what many predicted for it this year, Stroud leaps up the list of candidates in the arguments for the award. Now remember: we're just barely past the halfway point of the season, and a lot can happen.

But Stroud's been terrific, and if he were to win it, he'd be the first player since Jim Brown in 1957 to take home the hardware as a rookie.

Matt Taylor: Dear Drew, can any of the Texans future games be moved to Prime Time this season?
DD: Yes, but I wouldn't count on it happening.

The NFL League office makes the decision, and they generally do so around 12 days before the game. Technically, though, they can make the change six days before a Sunday Night Football contest.

I've been told that the Jets game in December would be Houston's best bet for a flex.

We shall see!

Colby Durley: Greetings Drew and fans across the globe!! Are we going to see Juice Scruggs or Charlie Heck back this year?
DD: We should know a bit more in the next week or so. The offensive linemen aren't on the 53-man roster right now. Both are on injured reserve, although Heck started practicing with the team last week and is in the middle of the 21-day window when he can get added back to the roster.

Oscar Trevino: Dear Drew, NRG stadium is slated to host 2 World Cup games in 2026. Do you plan to attend?
DD: I hope so! But I barely know what my plans are for 2 hours from now, much less three years in the future. I'm pumped for Houston and the World Cup games that'll be here.

I won't ever pretend to be an expert on the sport, but I really got into it about 25 years ago.

In the spring of 1998 I studied in Madrid, Spain. Soccer was surging there: Real Madrid won the Champions League and Atletico Madrid had Christian Vieri lighting it up as La Liga's leading scorer. Then the 1998 World Cup was played, and a lot of the guys I'd seen over the previous months were playing for their home countries.

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