NFL Combine: What you need to know about the 3-cone drill

The 3-cone drill at the NFL Combine, also known as the L-drill, is designed to measure speed, agility, change of direction, body control among other traits. The 3-cone drill, which actually uses four cones in the shape of an L, evaluates how fast a player can change direction while accelerating.

Who can improve draft stock the most: Pass rushers, wide receivers, running backs.

The Rules: Cones are placed five yards apart in the shape of the letter 'L.' The player must sprint to the second cone, turn around sprint back to the first cone and touch it. He then reverses again, sprinting towards the second cone and passing it to reach the third cone. The player runs around the third cone, heading past the outside of the second cone to the first cone. This all must be done in the fastest time possible.

Current NFL Combine record: Cornerback J.T. Thomas, 6.28 seconds (2018)

Here are some current Texans who excelled in the 3-cone drill during their NFL Combine performance:

Justin Reid (2018) – 6.65
Gareon Conley (2017) – 6.68
Chad Hansen (2017) – 6.74
Barkevious Mingo (2013) – 6.84
J.J. Watt (2011) – 6.88
Will Fuller V (2016) – 6.93
Deshaun Watson (2017) – 6.95

The 2020 NFL Scouting Combine takes place Tuesday, February 25 through Sunday, March 1. On-field drills begin on Thursday, February 27 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Check out shots of current Texans defensive players from previous NFL Combines. (Photos via AP Images)

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