O'Brien, Texans say conditioning is better

The first day of Texans training camp wasn't perfect, but Bill O'Brien was pleased with one thing in particular.

"These guys came back in good shape for the most part," O'Brien said on Saturday. "I'd say 95 percent of this team, probably more than that, 97 percent of this team came back in great shape. The conditioning test is not easy, and so then with that in mind, they're able to come out here and practice at a good pace."

The team was greeted by a light breeze and cooler-than-normal temperatures, which prompted cornerback Kareem Jackson to joke that "it felt like L.A. out here today."

While nobody would mistake the Houston Methodist Training Center for California, DeAndre Hopkins agreed with O'Brien's assesment of the team's physical fitness.

"I feel like we're in better condition," the third-year wide receiver said. "The guys that played in this offense last year kind of know what to expect coming out here. And you know this condition, they know how to treat their bodies better than last year, guys are out here, there were more IVs being used last year about this time."

Quarterback Ryan Mallett spent last July and August in New England's training camp. But he welcomes

Take a look at photos of the fans during the first day of #TexansCamp.

the warmer climate in Houston.

"It got a little cooler this morning, but the hotter it is, the better for us," Mallett said. "Get in better condition, be in better shape, going into games in the fourth quarter and finishing games."

While Mallett said he enjoyed the heat, his former Patriots' teammate Vince Wilfork was dismissive of all talk concerning the weather.

"I don't practice the heat, man," Wilfork said. "I'm a football player. I'll practice in whatever I need to practice in."

Wilfork and company hit the field tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. CT for their second practice of training camp.


View photos from the first day of practice at #TexansCamp.

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