O'Brien, Texans work on "situational football"

Thursday's practice was different, and not just because it was inside.

The Texans spent the morning working on 'situational football'.

In the air-conditioned Houston Methodist Training Center, head coach Bill O'Brien and the team went through the day's work a little differently.

"Working more situational football, trying to help these guys understand the situation of the game

better, trying to help our coaching staff continue to be on the same page in the different situations of the game," O'Brien said.

Instead of going through the normal regiment of practice, O'Brien would put the offense, defense and special teams in situations they don't typically experience.

He'd call out a down, distance, and clock time, and the unit would have to react. Sometimes it meant stopping the clock. Other times, depending on the situation, it meant taking two shots at the end zone with a limited amount of time to execute plays.

"Coach loves that, coach loves situational football," receiver Cecil Shorts, III said. "That is what football is. There will be a lot of situations that come up in a game that he wants us to be ready for it so we were doing this even in OTA's and stuff like that. It's no surprise."

The Texans will conduct a walkthrough practice on Friday and then play the 49ers at NRG Stadium on Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. CT.


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