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Houston Texans

O'Brien wants to see "more attention to details"

The Texans won by double-digits, came away from the game without major injuries and had some explosive plays on offense and defense.

But Bill O'Brien said he and his squad have work to do.

"I wouldn't say there was anything that jumped out that we did really well," the head coach said on Sunday. "When I watched the tape, I see really good effort. But what I would like to see more of is attention to details."


One particular area of interest was the team's failure to score a touchdown on the second offensive series. After getting to the 49ers' 1-yard line, the Texans had seven tries to punch it in but couldn't. They turned the ball over on downs after Alfred Blue was stuffed for no gain up the middle.

"What jumped out is that we have to do a much better job down there, coaches and players," O'Brien said. "We have to go down there and execute. Give San Francisco a lot of credit. They played really well down there in that series of plays. We really need to work on that this week."

The Texans are off on Sunday, but will practice at the Houston Methodist Training Center in the afternoon. They host the Denver Broncos on Saturday night at NRG Stadium.


View photos from the 49ers-Texans game at NRG Stadium on August 15th.

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