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O-line kudos, 2023 Draft review and...Battle Red Helmets? | Fans Wanna Know


Got a question about the Texans? Life in general? Drew Dougherty's your guy. He's been with the Texans since 2009 and is chock full of meaningful, as well as generally useless, information. Fire away by clicking HERE.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, Is there a timetable for our starting O-line to return?
DD: There is not, James. Before we get into returns and whatnot, though, we have to give credit where it's due: the offensive line was brilliant on Sunday in Jacksonville. They allowed zero sacks, they provided quarterback C.J. Stroud enough time to throw, and all five starters played every single offensive snap. It doesn't matter if five Pro Bowlers are doing that, or the group the Texans sent out there Sunday are doing that. Either way, it was an outstanding performance in a dominating Texans road win by the offensive line.

As far as the starters go, Pro Bowl left tackle Laremy Tunsil was at every practice last week, but limited. He didn't wind up traveling to Jacksonville for the game, so we'll have to wait and see what the injury report says to get a better gauge on his return.

Heading into training camp, Kenyon Green was the presumed starter at left guard. He's now on injured reserve for the entire year, and will not return in 2023.

Scott Quessenberry and rookie Juice Scruggs were going to battle for the starting center spot. Quessenberry was lost for the season in camp because of a leg injury. Scruggs is on injured reserve now, but could possibly return as soon as the Falcons game, which is in Week 5 and a week from Sunday. The same can be said for right tackle Tytus Howard. He too, is on injured reserve but eligible to return as soon as Week 5 like Scruggs. Right guard Shaq Mason has been holding down the starting right guard spot.

Jacqueline Pellegrino: Dear Drew, What is your opinion of the 2023 Texans draft picks, so far?
DD: My first thought was Larry David's character in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" saying his "Pretty, pretty good" line.

Think about it: the second overall pick in the Draft was C.J. Stroud. He's gone deep. He's thrown it intermediate over the middle and to the boundaries. He's checked down. Stroud still hasn't been picked off. Each week he gets better. That pick alone, with the importance of the position he plays, makes it look like a fantastic draft three weeks into the season.

Now, there's a LONG way to go before we can all properly grade out this Texans Draft. But what he's done so far makes it look terrific.

Then, factor in the guy picked right after him: Will Anderson, Jr. The defensive end, like Stroud, is a team captain, and is making plays. He blocked a field goal attempt Sunday, has started at defensive end and been a force off the edge, and is a great guy in the locker room too.

Scruggs hasn't played yet, but showed good things in camp.

Wide receiver Tank Dell was picked after Scruggs, and Dell's been electrifying. He's caught a touchdown in each of the last two games, and pulled in five passes for 145 yards and a score on Sunday. He's a huge part of the offense.

Sixth-rounder Jarrett Patterson has started all three games at center and done a very solid job there, while fifth-rounder Henry To'oTo'o got his first NFL start on Sunday at the Jags. He logged 10 tackles.

Three games in, it's a really good-looking Draft.

Mark Smolicz: Dear Drew, The Run-n-Shoot offense worked for the Oilers. Why can't the Texans take an example from something that worked?
DD: Eh, there's elements every once in awhile from the Run-n-Shoot in every NFL offense. But I like what I'm seeing from Stroud and company in this scheme that offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik is running.

Putnam Ruggovich: Dear Drew, When will the Texans wear the red helmets again?
DD: Stay tuned, Putnam. They might show up as soon as this Sunday against the Steelers. They'll for sure be out there when the Texans host the Jaguars on November 26.

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