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Offense has come "long way" in building chemistry

The progress continues for Brock Osweiler, DeAndre Hopkins and the Texans offense.

"Where we started and where we are now, we came a long way," Hopkins said on Saturday in an NFL Network interview with Rhett Lewis and Charley Casserly.

The Texans returned to practice on Saturday morning after getting a break on Friday. They worked in pads outside at the Houston Methodist Training Center. Hopkins explained how he and the new quarterback have been able build upon their chemistry.

"A lot of time in the film room, studying each other," Hopkins said. "Working with each other. Just putting the extra work in out here."

When Osweiler met with the media on Wednesday, he said he'll always search for an improvement in chemistry, no matter how good things are.

"I don't think you just hit a certain point and say 'oh, we got it'," Osweiler said. "So, as you've seen, we've connected on a couple red zone touchdowns, but we've also missed on a couple red zone throws and I'll always put that on myself."

Hopkins singled out Osweiler's "accuracy" and precision with expectations as traits that have stood out most with the new signal-caller.

"He's gonna let it be known that he wants you here, and this is where the ball is going to be," Hopkins said. "He almost puts it on the money every time."

Hopkins, Osweiler and the Texans will be back outside for practice on Sunday morning.


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