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Offseason Signs, and a Signing | Daily Brew


You know it's the offseason if I'm watching C.J. Stroud in the Pro Bowl Games and I'm sweating the outcome of a friendly skills challenge like a playoff berth hangs in the balance.

Stroud was edged by Baker Mayfield in the precision passing competition after C.J. rose to the top of the AFC in short order. Mayfield had a one-point lead heading into Stroud's last attempt and C.J. went for the kill shot with a try at a 10 point bomb (you had to be there). He was just having fun.

I kind of like the Pro Bowl skills stuff. What's more fun during NBA All Star weekend; the game or the dunk competition and three point contest?

I declare the 'games' a good idea. BUT (editorial opinion coming down in 3…2….1) why not put it all back in Hawaii? That will assure near 100% attendance from all who qualify for the teams.

Another sure sign of the off season is John Harris at the Senior Bowl. I'm getting old enough to where the Senior Bowl sounds like a football game I might be eligible to play in.

Now, this game also invites Juniors to take part. Some of these guys will be taking an NIL pay cut to get their shot at the NFL.

Speaking of NIL – don't you think there will be a major 'market correction' on some of the gigantic sums being thrown at these players? Won't John Q. Donor get tired of throwing big dollars at players year after year? The donors used to get their names on buildings. Now they get another invoice for the next incoming QB from the transfer portal.

Anyway, John Harris is breaking down what he sees. And this will save you hours of NFL Network viewing.

The draft is less than three months away. The Texans pick 23rd. Nick Caserio already joked with us (it wasn't a joke) 'What makes you think we're using that pick?'

He has a reputation of moving up and down the board the way many of you swerve through traffic on the Katy Freeway. But let's assume, for now, the Texans stay put. What do the draft ‘gurus’ think they might do? 

Last year, this week, we were celebrating the hiring of DeMeco Ryans. What a 12-months that turned out to be! It's much quieter now – until next week, when the Texans are up for five different post season accolades at NFL Honors. Plus, we'll find out if Andre Johnson, and the rest of us, will need to book a summer trip to Canton.

One excellent thing that happened this week was the re-signing of Jon Weeks. Weeks is a Texans treasure and like a reliable utility. He's like plumbing and electricity; you tend to take these things for granted but without them, it's curtains.

Congrats, Jon! Thank you for being the longest tenured Texan!

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