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Penn State DT DaQuan Jones on future

Bill O'Brien spent the past two seasons as the head coach at Penn State.

DaQuan Jones spent the past four years as a Nittany Lion, and the defensive tackle is projected as a second day pick in the NFL Draft. He knows a thing or two about O'Brien, and said the Texans new head coach won't be much different than he was in State College, PA.

"I don't think he's going to change who he is," Jones said during a Senior Bowl interview. "He's going to be an honest coach and tell you how it is. If you don't like it then 'Oh well'."

Jones (6-3, 318) racked up 11.5 tackles for loss in 2013 and was named the Outstanding Senior Player for Penn State. After playing under O'Brien in 2012 and 2013, Jones said the head coach's blunt demeanor is a strong point.

"I think it's why people respect him so much," Jones said. "Because he can tell you how it is, and you just gotta live with it and get better from what he's telling you. l think he's going to do a heck of a job in the


Jones also gave a description of what practices were like with O'Brien in charge.

"They're pretty up-tempo," Jones said. "They're practices that keep your players safe. You're in pads, most of the time. It's fast-paced all of the time. It's a good system."

Speaking of systems, at his opening press conference on January 3, O'Brien wouldn't tip his hand and commit to a 3-4 or 4-3, and that "70 percent of games are played in nickel and dime defense". Either way, like all NFL hopefuls, Jones said he's capable of flourishing in multiple defensive alignments.

"I could play in a 3-4 or a 4-3," Jones said. "I played in both my senior year so I'm comfortable with either/or."

Jones also said his best attribute is stopping the run, and that he leads by example.


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