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Juan Garza: Dear Drew, How much more is there to see from the Texans offense, from a playbook standpoint, that we haven't seen?
DD: Quite a bit, Juan. They've only played one game, and we've heard multiple times that they'll adjust the attack plan each week, depending on the opponent. Tim Kelly remains the offensive coordinator, and he'll look for the mismatches he thinks the Texans can exploit each week. Cleveland's defense has a nasty front, so I'm guessing Kelly will have some new wrinkles for Houston. In practice last week, some of the plays the Texans ran were never actually used against the Jaguars. We may never see those plays this season, or many might pop up this Sunday.

Boyd Price: Dear Drew, When the Heck can we expect to see Charlie off the Covid-19 list?
DD: OL Charlie Heck returned to practice on Thursday at the Houston Methodist Training Center. He started at right tackle throughout the preseason, and his return gives the Texans a boost in depth. Veteran Marcus Cannon started at right tackle against the Jaguars and split some time with Geron Christian Sr.

Michael Bieluwka: Dear Drew, Seeing Danny Amendola out there really seems to open the offense up a lot. How do we continue to keep the foot on the gas pedal when we are on a roll?
DD: You're right, Amendola looked good against the Jaguars. He helped the Texans move the chains, and his touchdown catch at the end of the half gave Houston a 27-7 advantage going into the locker room.

As far as the 'foot on the gas pedal' question, I think scoring off turnovers is one way for that to happen. Think about it: the Texans picked off three Jaguars passes on Sunday but could only muster three points off those three takeaways. If they get a couple touchdowns instead, or more, the game would've been even more of a blowout.

Against the Browns, they'll definitely need to get more takeaways and then subsequently capitalize on those takeaways by scoring touchdowns.

Leonard Posinski: Dear Drew, Is there any communication between the coaches & Deshaun Watson?
DD: Yes. He's in the building and in position group meetings throughout the week, but he doesn't practice with the team and was ruled out for Sunday's game last Friday.

Robert Cooper: Dear Drew, Will we ever wear the all Battle Red uniforms again?
DD: Maybe, but most players I've spoken with over the years like to wear the Liberty White pants with the Texans Battle Red jerseys. They'll wear those on Sunday, December 5 this season when the Texans host the Colts.

Jan Paniagua: Dear Drew, Who is the YOUR favorite all-time Texan to interview or have interviewed in the past and WHY!?
DD: Shaun Cody. He played nose tackle here from 2009 through 2012 and was a lot of fun. He hosted a web series we ran in 2011 and 2012 called 'On the Nose with Shaun Cody', and was always up to something.

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