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Playbook opening up, changes made & changes to come? | Dear Drew

Drew Dougherty has been the Host of Texans TV since 2009. He regularly answers fan questions, and you can send him yours by clicking HERE.

Matt Edwards: Dear Drew, With Tim Kelly opening up the playbook, should we expect to see more off tackle runs for David Johnson. I loved watching him getting in space last Sunday.
DD: The Texans will always want to get David Johnson the ball in space. As you point out, he was pretty effective in that regard against the Jaguars. With Deshaun Watson hitting the intermediate and deep targets in the passing game, it allowed Johnson a little more room to operate at times.

James Broderick: Dear Drew, What is it like covering the Texans during a coaching change? And what is the vibe around this team?
DD: This is the second coaching change I've covered. The first came during the wreckage of the 2013 campaign. Gary Kubiak was let go the morning after a Thursday night loss at Jacksonville, and that dropped the Texans' record to 2-11. Wade Phillips was the interim head coach for the final three contests, which were blowout losses at Indianapolis and at home against the Broncos, and a 16-10 defeat in the finale at Tennessee. Everyone in the organization loved/loves Wade, but the season was lost at that point.

Everybody in the organization also loves Romeo Crennel, but this change is different, mainly because of the timing and the quarterback. Because of the former, the Texans still have plenty of time to turn things around. Because of the latter, the Texans still have plenty of time to turn things around. At 1-4, the climb remains steep, but there are still 11 games left to play, and five will be against AFC South opponents. With Deshaun Watson at quarterback, Houston has a young Pro Bowler entering the prime of his career. In 2013, Case Keenum was just beginning his NFL journey, and Matt Schaub's time as a starter had come to an end.

Last week, especially Sunday against the Jaguars, was a lot of fun on a personal level. The guys cut loose and got a double-digit win, with big plays on both sides of the ball.

Michael Trotter: Dear Drew, is there any chance Keke Coutee will see an opportunity to get back on the field.
DD: There's always a chance. But with the way the Texans offense clicked last week, and the health of the other receivers, it might be awhile before Coutee is back in the mix.

Michael Bieluwka: Dear Drew, Do you think J.J. wants to stick around for a rebuild or would he really like to go to Pittsburgh to complete his career playing with his brothers? I would hate to see him go, but I would be very happy for him if that is what he wants. Thank you and as always Go Texans!
DD: The Texans are not rebuilding. There are still 11 games to go. They have an elite quarterback and an elite left tackle, and lots of weapons on offense. Watt's having fun again, and with a future Pro Football Hall of Famer like him on defense, there are plenty of pieces around him that can flourish.

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