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Player Blog | Roy Lopez and Teammates visited U.S. Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston

Ahead of Veterans Day, Texans WR Danny Amendola, DL Roy Lopez and DB A.J. Moore visited the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston. They were treated to several unique experiences on base to see what a day looks like for those who are serving.

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of visiting the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston in partnership with USAA. With Veterans Day coming up, it was the perfect opportunity to meet some of our service members and thank them for what they do for our country on a daily basis.

Personally, the visit was special for me because my uncle served in the Coast Guard for four years. I always heard stories from him growing up and being able to see everything up close really put his experience into perspective.

As soon as we got to the base, we met up with the service members who are responsible for search and rescue operations. They gave us a tour of the Coast Guard helicopter and it was decked out! Danny, A.J. and the Texans Cheerleaders hopped right into the front seats. They tried to get me to go in, too, but there was no way a defensive lineman like myself was going to fit in there. Then, it was time for the chopper to take off. We watched it fly as we walked down to one of the Coast Guard boats to watch them do a simulated water rescue that they explained to us on the tour.

It was unbelievable! You have to have some real courage to jump out there into the water and he was a true pro. Once he was in the water, the only way he could communicate with his team back in the helicopter was through hand signals. It was fast and super efficient. We were all really impressed.

After talking with the service members, I realized that their day-to-day work is incredibly similar to ours. They are so passionate about what they do; the love they have for their job was pretty cool. Everything they showed us on Tuesday was their version of practice. It was just another day for them, but you could see their competitive spirit. They made zero mistakes and were striving for excellence.

We're grateful for our service members every day and it was an honor to meet them. Our visit was definitely something I'll never forget!

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Texans players, TORO and Houston Texans Cheerleaders visited the U.S. Coast Guard in Galveston with USAA to learn about their every-day responsibilities, tour a helicopter and boat, and watch a search and rescue demonstration.

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