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Position Breakdowns: Wide Receivers


Heading into training camp, there's no unit that's more intriguing than the receiver. To many, there's no group that has more to prove than the receivers. To others, there's not much expected from the receiver group, given the many personnel additions/losses and inexperience in this receiver room. That said, there are questions about this group, given the fact that there are just 50 receptions (Rodgers - 12, Collins - 37, Camp - one) for returning receivers from the Texans roster in 2022. So, let's dive into this uber-important position heading into training camp.

2023 Texans Training Camp roster (in numerical order)

#2 Robert Woods (11th NFL season) - 2023 FA signing

2022 stats (TEN) - 17 games - 53 catches, 527 yard and two TD

The respect that Woods has garnered around the league is immense and it's that veteran leadership, in an offense that he's somewhat familiar with, that will pay off with Woods' addition to this squad. During OTA/minicamp, he was consistently counseling young guys and veterans alike. He's now two years removed from his ACL injury and there's plenty left in the tank, to say the least, to lead this receiver corps.

#3 Amari Rodgers (3rd NFL season) - 2022 waiver claim (Packers)

2022 stats - six games - 12 catches, 154 yard and one TD

Rodgers played in just six games for the Texans after he was claimed on waivers from the Packers. No one will forget the TD catch he had at Dallas, the first one of his Texans career. He seemed comfortable in the building and found ways to contribute over the last third of the season. During OTA/minicamps, though, he seemed to build on last year's performance. He had a catch-and-run touchdown during one practice that was reminiscent of what he did at Clemson. There's no shortage of competition in this receiver group and Rodgers will be right in that mix throughout the entire preseason.

#8 John Metchie III (2nd year with the Texans) - 2022 2nd round selection

2022 stats - Missed season due to leukemia diagnosis

Metchie III entered the 2022 offseason unable to participate in OTA/minicamp as he rehabbed a torn ACL in the 2021 SEC Championship game. Then, he entered into the fight of his life as he was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia just prior to training camp. Because he hadn't been completely cleared, he wasn't allowed to practice in OTA/minicamp; however, all indications during the spring were that he would be ready to go on day one of training camp. When he finally gets on the field, it's going to be one emotional day. I remember the first day back of David Quessenberry and Dre Hal - those were incredible and Metchie III's will be the same. CAN'T WAIT!!

#12 Nico Collins (3rd NFL season) - 2021 3rd round selection

2022 stats - ten games - 37 catches, 481 yards and two TD

There were days throughout OTA/minicamp, Collins was not only the go-to receiver for the Texans QB, but days when the DBs struggled to just cover him consistently. I wouldn't say he dominated, but it was pretty darn close. He has THAT ability for sure and if he can stay healthy, I think Collins will shock many throughout Houston and the NFL community that have seemingly given up on him as a potential top notch receiver. Again, it's all about Nico staying healthy to get to that level.

#13 Tank Dell (Rookie) - 2023 3rd round selection

2022 stats (at University of Houston) - 13 games - 109 catches, 1398 yards and 17 TD; nine punt returns, 153 yards, one TD

Perhaps no player has stoked the Texans fans' excitement more than Tank. Write an article about Tank and the numbers go through the roof. Post something about Tank on social media, my goodness, it gets views beyond all belief. That said, the expectations still need to be tempered for a rookie who hasn't played an NFL snap. So, we have to be patient, but it's hard to not be excited about Tank and how he can impact this offense in 2023 and beyond.

#14 Alex Bachman (5th NFL season) - 2022 FA signing

2022 stats - Spent the year on the Texans practice squad

Bachman came to the Texans after two plus seasons with the New York Giants. He didn't get an opportunity to make the game day roster but he signed a reserve/future contract back in January. He can run and that speed showed itself during OTA/minicamp and should be a true asset coming training camp.

#17 Jalen Camp (3rd NFL season) - 2021 FA Signing

2022 stats - two games - one reception for seven yards

Camp was the Player of the Game in the first preseason win of the 2022 season and was active two times on the game day in the 2022 regular season. He's freaky athletically and has improved his game in the two seasons that he's been in Houston. His big body and speed are always enticing. He's going to have plenty of opportunities with three preseason games and four joint practices to show how much he's progressed in three seasons.

#19 Xavier Hutchinson (Rookie) - 2023 6th round selection

2022 stats (at Iowa State) - 12 games - 107 receptions, 1,171 yards and six TD

I still shake my head that Hutchinson was still around in the sixth round. When I did my WR position breakdown back before the draft, I had a fourth round grade on Hutchinson. So, when his name was called in the sixth round , I was equally puzzled and absolutely jacked at the same time. Like every rookie at each position, the first week of OTA/minicamp was a learning experience. But, as the weeks wore on, Hutchinson got more and more comfortable and it was clear in the plays that he made each day. It'll be exciting to see his growth throughout his first training camp and beyond.

#41 Jesse Matthews (Rookie) - 2023 UDFA signing

2022 stats (at San Diego State) - 13 games - 45 receptions, 508 yards and three TD

At least once during nearly every OTA/minicamp practice, I turned to Marc and said how impressive Matthews had been on a particular play. He was much more impressive than I even expected. I like his full complement of skills and he has a suddenness to his game as well. I think he could really surprise Texans fans that won't know a ton about him.

#82 Steven Sims (5th NFL season) - 2023 FA signing

2022 stats (PIT) - 12 games - 14 receptions for 104 yards, 19 punt returns for 105 yards, 17 kick returns for 434 yards

Super quick and dynamic, Sims is a bit different than most pass catchers on this list. He has return abilities and suddenness to make ANYONE miss in space. He has more NFL experience than all but two receivers on this squad (Woods, Brown) so that should be extremely valuable to the Texans quarterback trio, as well.

#85 Noah Brown(6th NFL season) - 2023 FA signing

2022 stats (DAL) - 43 receptions for 555 yards and three TD

Brown was a pass catching wizard at Ohio State before heading to Dallas. In 2022, he tripled his targets (25 in 2021 to 74 in 2022) and he flashed those hands and pass catching ability in a win over the Texans in December. I can still see him laying out to snatch a key pass late in the game for a first down on Dallas' game winning drive. Here's hoping that there are more snags from Brown FOR the Texans in 2023.

#88 Johnny Johnson III (2nd NFL season) - 2022 UDFA signing

2022 stats - No catches/targets in one game

Johnson, a rookie WR from Oregon, played in one game in week 18 in the win over the Colts. He had a strong start to his preseason campaign and that was instrumental in making the practice squad. I love that he's here to fight for a spot on the 2023 53-man roster. He'll definintely have the chance to make an impact in seven different scrimmage opportunities in August.

#89 Jared Wayne (Rookie) - 2023 UDFA signing

2022 stats (at Pitt) - 12 games - 60 receptions, 1,057 yards and five TD

When studying Pitt's offense in 2022, I found a ton of prospects at a multitude of positions and Wayne was one of those guys that stood out. Physically well built. Tall with downfield speed. Adjusts to the ball flight well down the field. As an undrafted rookie, it's an uphill climb, but Wayne has assets that will pop during training camp, to say the least.

View photos of the Houston Texans wide receivers heading into 2023 Training Camp.

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