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Practice Insider - Friday


André Davis will return kickoffs against the Chargers this Sunday.

The NFL decided Friday that the Houston Texans will play the San Diego Chargers on Sunday at 3:05 p.m. CST at Qualcomm Stadium.

Schaub progressing: Quarterback Matt Schaub practiced at full speed Friday, going through all the reps he would normally take to get ready to start.

Head coach Gary Kubiak said the quarterback has shown improved mobility in the pocket each day, but the coach will wait until Sunday to gauge Schaub's status.

"As far as going and playing, I'm still going to say it's a game time decision because I want to see him do some more for me tomorrow," Kubiak said.

"I've been doing this long enough to know there's so much time between now and game time, and I think he can show us that he's making progress between now and game time with some of the things we do with him tomorrow morning. We can do some things treadmill-wise."

Kubiak said there were a few more things he would like to see from Schaub, but the quarterback will definitely be active against San Diego.

Prepping for the 3-4: The Texans, like most NFL teams, run a 4-3 defense, but this week they practiced the 3-4, simulating the Chargers.

"It is difficult," Kubiak said. "When that's what we are, we're a 4-3 team, and all of a sudden – some years you may catch five or six 3-4 teams, so you get a lot of work on it. This year, we're not doing that. We're catching a couple, so it is definitely a change in scheme for us."

Because the Chargers are the first 3-4 team the Texans have faced this season, they don't want the defensive change to catch them by surprise. The offensive line knows it has to be especially aware of the pressure coming at them from San Diego's linebacking corps.

"It just really changes a lot of things up, and they're able to do a lot more I think out of a blitz package with a three-man line as opposed to a four-man line," tackle Eric Winston said. "So there's some things we've got to look at, but there's also a lot of advantages to it, too, so we'll be able to hopefully take advantage of some of those."

Schaub said to take advantage of the 3-4, the players have to focus on knowing their assignments and picking up their blocks.

"They have a lot of talent, and they're aggressive and they're very stout," Schaub said. "They're not giving up many points, and they might not be making the spectacular plays that they did last year, but they're still a great defensive football team, so you really have to be on your p's and q's about what they're doing and what looks you're getting because it's out of a 3-4 front, which is an unorthodox look."

San Diego, it is: After a week of indecision, the NFL decided Friday that the game against the Chargers would take place as scheduled on Sunday afternoon in Qualcomm Stadium. The stadium has been housing people forced to evacuate their homes to escape the raging Southern California forest fires.

The Texans said the constant venue flip-flopping had not distracted them from their game plan.

"We prepared for it this way, so it's not like it's a big shock for us," Winston said. "We're going to go out there, and we've prepared that it's going to be on Sunday and this is perfect. It's the way it should be."

Guard Chester Pitts, who battles asthma, said he was not worried about the air quality. He trusted league officials to make the right decision.

"They're smart people that work for the NFL," Pitts said. "They won't have us go play a game if the air quality is bad or will tear up our throats or our lungs. That would just be silly, so I really doubt that that would happen."

For more information on the NFL's decision to keep the game in San Diego, **click here**.

Of note: Wide receiver Andre Johnson completed his first week of practice, showing he is getting close to returning from the knee sprain he suffered in Week 2. Johnson will not dress for Sunday's game and will aim to make it back the following week against Oakland.

"We'll shoot for next week," Kubiak said. "He made progress this week. You all saw him do football stuff and he knee has responded good, so hopefully next week."

The coach also said that wideout André Davis will return kickoffs and receiver Jacoby Jones will return punts. Cornerback Dexter Wynn will remain a game time decision as to whether he suits up.

Injury Report: For the Texans official injury report, please **click here.**

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