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Practice Insider - Thursday


A sore leg could keep wide receiver Jerome Mathis out of the lineup on Sunday.

The Houston Texans practiced Thursday with a healthy Ron Dayne getting the majority of the reps at running back.

Day-to-day: Running back Ahman Green sat out of practice for the second day in a row with a sore knee. He is being listed as day-to-day for the week, and head coach Gary Kubiak said he would wait until Sunday to decide if Green is ready to take the field in Atlanta.

"Ahman did not practice, so like I said, it'll just be a bonus if he's ready to go on game day," Kubiak said.

Wide receiver Jerome Mathis is also being evaluated daily for a sore lower leg. An MRI did not reveal any structural damage, but Texans' coaches have been limiting his practice reps. If Mathis isn't ready to go, Kubiak said the team would consider making roster moves.

"That's a very difficult one because of a big special teams presence there and then you've got to make a decision," Kubiak said. "Do you go into a game with three wides? Or do you sign another guy, bring another guy up? It's not like we have other active receivers that we can just plug in; we have to make a move to get that done. We can make that move as late as Saturday, so we'll wait and see."

Davis impresses: Wide receiver André Davis continued to impress Kubiak with his work ethic and practice play. Davis dislocated his finger in Sunday's loss to the Colts, but the wideout has not let the injury affect his catching this week.

"He's been fine," Kubiak said. "Boy, he's practiced well and I really think we're going to find a heck of a player before we're all said and done here with him, I really do."

Davis also believes his time has come. The six-year veteran has battled his way through the ranks of the NFL, patiently waiting for his number to be called.

"You can't just ask for patience and it happens," Mathis said. "You have to be put though certain times and certain circumstances and tribulations to go through things. And I think God has taught me a lot of lessons through my life and my career, and it's just one of those things that I just have to be patient, I have to continue to study and be in the game plan at all times and when I get my opportunity, I have to make sure I do what I do."

Amobi's reunion: Quarterback Matt Schaub may be celebrating a homecoming this Sunday in Atlanta, but defensive tackle Amobi Okoye will be enjoying a reunion with his college coach, Bobby Petrino. The new Falcons head coach was Okoye's guiding force at the University of Louisville.

"He meant a lot because he and I had a pretty good relationship and he would always help me out," Okoye said. "Certain things I would help him out in - certain things as far as team unity, as far as how the team felt at certain points in time."

The Texans defensive tackle said he initially wanted Atlanta to draft him and he has remained close with Petrino and his coaching staff.

"I've talked to a lot of people there since they got the job and since I got drafted," Okoye said. "When I got drafted and I saw the team on the schedule, I was like, hey that's going to be interesting going back and playing against a lot of people I already know. So I'm looking forward to it."

Petrino is proud of his college product, but he's not as excited about the on-field reunion.

"I didn't sleep well last night because I've been watching video of him all day yesterday," Petrino said. "He's certainly playing well. He's been very active and has done a nice job rushing the quarterback.

"You can see his understanding of the game, and the thing that I'm impressed with is he is not in awe of anything. He's just playing extremely fast and real well."

OD working OT: Tight end Owen Daniels has been working overtime to increase his receiving yardage with wideouts Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones sidelined with injuries.

Last Sunday, Daniels led the team in receptions with seven and he could see that number get even bigger against the Falcons.

"Right now, Owen becomes more of a factor of what you're doing because people are playing you a little bit different than when Andre's on the field," Kubiak said. "He played well the last two weeks, (and I) would expect him to become even more involved."

The head coach said that the one-year veteran plays wise beyond his NFL tenure and can handle any offensive situation.

"He's always been able to do both, line of scrimmage and catch the ball," Kubiak said. "I think he's starting to run with the ball a little bit better after the catch, but one thing that we forget about O.D. is we play him all over the place and he handles it."

Injury Report: For the Texans official injury report, please **click here.**

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