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Houston Texans

Practice Insider - Wednesday


Wide receiver André Davis made the 15th touchdown catch of his career in Atlanta.

The Houston Texans finished practice Wednesday on a high note. Head coach Gary Kubiak announced in the team huddle that defensive tackle Amobi Okoye had just been named the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month.

Faggins first: The Texans secondary took a beating in Atlanta, largely because of the penalties called on cornerback Demarcus (Petey) Faggins.

The six-year veteran committed penalties on three first-half possessions, which set up Falcons scores all three times. When a 33-yard pass interference penalty in the end zone led to a field goal, head coach Gary Kubiak finally yanked Faggins from the first-team defense and replaced him with nickel back Jamar Fletcher.

Kubiak, however, said he plans to start Faggins Sunday against Miami.

"Petey's our starter," Kubiak said. "I believe in him. He'll be there starting this weekend. He's going to play good; I believe in the kid. He's had a few misfortunate plays, which happens in football if you're a corner. That's part of the business. You've got to have a short memory."

The head coach hopes Faggins can forget his Atlanta performance and regain the confidence he needs to go against Dolphins wideouts Marty Booker and Chris Chambers.

"If he gets the ball coming his way, his confidence goes way back up and he starts playing well," Kubiak said. "We believe in him, and I'm expecting him to play well."

If Faggins doesn't meet his coach's expectations, Kubiak will consider playing Fletcher or rookie cornerback Fred Bennett, who has been sidelined with a hamstring injury.

Running back: In the wake of the 26-16 loss to the Falcons, Kubiak admitted he got away from the running game as a play caller. He refuses to allow that to happen again.

The offense changed its practice pattern Wednesday and devoted more time to running the ball with back Ron Dayne getting most of the carries.

"I just called special attention to it," Kubiak said. "It's an attitude. It's something you've got to be committed to; we tried to be committed to it the other day until we got down, but we're not going to run away from it by any means. We need to find a way to do it."

The Dolphins defense could lead the Texans to getting their running game back. Last week, Miami allowed the Oakland Raiders to rush for 299 yards. The Dolphins also may be playing without star middle linebacker Zach Thomas.

But even if Thomas returns to the lineup, Dayne has his mind set on one thing: "To score. To try to get six rather then three."

Triple threat: Sunday's game was the first time Kubiak had only dressed three wide receivers, and he plans to do it again this week. The head coach liked what he saw from Kevin Walter, David Anderson and André Davis. Especially Davis.

"We need to get him the ball," Kubiak said. "He's turned into a heck of a player. You watch him practice today and he continues to play well. He's the prime example of a player who was waiting for a prime opportunity to play in this league; he's got it and he knows he'd better take advantage of it."

Davis couldn't agree more.

"I'm just looking at it in a business fashion, just making sure I can go out there, take care of my job, execute my part, and try and do everything I can to help the team," Davis said.

Kubiak also commended tight end Owen Daniels for stepping up his offensive production and catching more balls in the slot.

"We try to get him the ball every week in a lot of ways," Kubiak said. "He's definitely picked up his game in the last two weeks. He plays every play."

Still game-time decisions: Kubiak said that playing running back Ahman Green and wide receiver Jacoby Jones will be a game time decision.

Jones dressed for practice and caught several punts. Green continued to rehab a bruised knee.

"With Ahman, I would say it's very encouraging what we saw today," Kubiak said. "With Jacoby, I wouldn't go that far. It's not totally out of the realm that he might play this weekend."

Jones, who never missed a college game, has been undergoing treatments three times a day and is anxious to rejoin his team on the field.

"It's frustrating pacing the sidelines," Jones said. "Last week I must have gone through like three bags of sunflower seeds standing on the sideline."

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