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Practice report: Prepared for Patriots


Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Cushing and the Texans are gunning for win number nine of the season Sunday against the Patriots.

The Texans practiced outside Friday morning at the Methodist Training Center in preparation for their Week 17 matchup with the Patriots.

Health report: After missing the previous two days of practice because of injury, both defensive tackle Shaun Cody and Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Cushing went to work Friday with the rest of the team.

"We're all ready to go," Kubiak said of Cushing, Cody and the rest of the team. "He and Shaun should be fine."

For the official injury report, click **here**.

Different, but the same: Since the Friday prior to the Seattle win on December 13, the Texans have run their Friday practice differently than they had leading up to that contest. Today, they worked the same way as the previous three Fridays.

"We've been walking through on Fridays and really just doing a lot of mental work," Kubiak said. "Making sure we're fresh. Everybody understands the importance of the football game. It'll take our best effort and we've had a good week of work. It's going to be a tough football game but we're ready to go."

The Texans followed each of the previous Friday workouts with wins on Sunday.

No surprises: Various media outlets have reported that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will play the entire game against the Texans this Sunday. There had been some question as to whether or not New England, which has already clinched a playoff spot, would rest some of it's starters against Houston. That news didn't shock Kubiak.

"I expect that," Kubiak said. "They're getting ready to win a championship, that's what this football team's getting ready to do and watching them last week, that's as impressive a performance as I've seen from a football team all year long. We know that, our guys know that."

Kubiak thinks the Patriots are so multi-faceted that they're tough to prepare for the week prior to a game.

"They do some stuff that's off the charts," Kubiak said. "We could've wasted a week of practice. We'll find out on Sunday. That's how hard they are to prepare for."

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