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Practice report: Secondary first


Rookie linebacker Brian Cushing missed practice Wednesday because of an illness.

The Texans had their first practice of the week on Wednesday in preparation for their upcoming road game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Flu's new victim: Rookie linebacker Brian Cushing missed Wednesday's practice because of an illness. For more on that story and the overall health of the Texans, including a shoulder injury to Mario Williams, click here.

Reeves to return: Cornerback Jacques Reeves has experienced tough luck since the start of August. He broke his left fibula at the start of training camp and, after healing it, seemed ready to go for the Raiders game. But last week during a warmup on Wednesday, he dislocated a finger and had to miss the Oakland game.

Reeves practiced today, and head coach Gary Kubiak was happy to see him on the field.

"Jacques will be ready to go if we can keep him in a closet somewhere until Sunday," Kubiak said with a grin. "He should be ready to go. Jacques is going to be a part of the rotation this week. We'll see how far he comes and get him ready to go."

Rookie corner Glover Quin started at cornerback last week opposite of Dunta Robinson, and Kubiak was pleased with how Quin played. But he's not necessarily going to start again this week.

"I just know that we're going to play Jacques and GQ," Kubiak said. "Both will play out there. Who starts? I don't know how important that is. They're both going to play. I'm not worried about that right now. I'm just worried about getting to Sunday and having them both play."

Kubiak said Reeves was "chomping at the bit" to get back in action. He was encouraged by the veteran cornerback's performance during practice today. Reeves' return this week against a talented receiving Arizona receiving corps will be invaluable.

"It helps a bunch, especially against the group we're fixing to go up against," Kubiak said. "We need him. There couldn't have been a better time for him to come back."

Challenge awaits: Quin and Brice McCain, like last week, will play significant amounts of time Sunday in Arizona. Unlike last week, they'll face one of the most talented receiving duos in the game in Larry Fizgerald and Anquan Boldin. The rookie Texans corners say they're fully aware of the challenge ahead this weekend.

"Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin play totally different," Quin said. "You can't double one because the other is just as dangerous. We just have to make good calls and then execute the calls."

{QUOTE}At the same time, the rookie duo knows that practicing daily against Andre Johnson will pay dividends against the Cardinals.

"It's a luxury to get to go against Andre Johnson every day in practice," Quin said. "It won't get much better than Andre on Sunday. He's up there at the top with all those guys. But Larry and Anquan are great receivers."

McCain added to Quin's thoughts on practicing against Johnson.

"I feel blessed I get to go against Andre and all the other guys," McCain said. "I'm a competitor. I look forward to it. Fitzgerald is hands-down one of the best players in the NFL, but I have to put that aside and go out there and play football."

What about Steve?: He hasn't gained the notoriety of Boldin and Fitzgerald, but Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston is an impressive player in his own right.

Last season, he quietly caught 77 passes for 1,006 yards and three scores. In Week 3 versus the Colts this year, Breaston led the way catching for Arizona with a team-high 94 yards on seven catches. He was dynamic in the return game as well at the University of Michigan. Texans safety Bernard Pollard, who played at Purdue, says Breaston is definitely a player to keep an eye on.

"I know Steve because I played against him in college," Pollard said. "He's a really good receiver. A lot of people don't realize where he is on the field because they're trying to occupy 11 (Fitzgerald) or occupy 81 (Boldin), but at the end of the day, we have to do our job."

Jam on, Jamison:Rookie defensive end Tim Jamison was elevated from the practice squad to the 53-man roster on Tuesday, and his promotion was cause for celebration. The rookie defensive end was happy, and his teammates were happy for him when they found out the good news in a team meeting.

"It's what you dream about," Jamison said. "They gave me kudos and banged on the tables a lot. Our players have been saying good things to me."

Jamison, an undrafted free agent this year out of Michigan, says he won't ease up any now that he's off the practice squad.

"I'm treating it like how it was when I was a freshman in college, starting off like no one knows about my capabilities and I have to prove myself every day," he said. "Now that I've got the opportunity, I'm just going to stay on the grind."

Fellow defensive lineman Tim Bulman appreciates the path that Jamison taken. Bulman was a former practice squad player himself.

"I respect him," Bulman said. "Just to get activated is a hard thing to do, and I'm proud of him. I congratulate him. I think it's a hell of a job."

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