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Practice report: Texans healthy, ready for Rams


Fullback Vonta Leach practiced in his Santa outfit again, and also helped distribute bikes to underprivileged children on Friday.

The Texans practiced outside on a bright, clear Friday morning at the Methodist Training Center.

Myers returns: After missing Thursday's practice because of a rib injury, center Chris Myers was back at it on Friday.

"He looks like he's good to go," head coach Gary Kubiak said.

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Thrill ride: After practice, the players teamed up with Academy Sports Outdoors and gave more than 200 brand new bicycles to underprivileged youth from the Houston area.

"We've been doing that now for four years," Kubiak said. "It's pretty cool. We do some things where we raise a little money, and I remember starting the first year we gave away something like 70 bikes. This year we gave away something like 250."

The bikes were lined up along the south fence of the practice facility, and the children were let loose just as the players finished practicing.

"I think the players really enjoy that," Kubiak said. "They realize they can touch a lot of kids' lives. They can really have a big influence on these young girls and boys."

Astronauts attended: Friday's practice was watched by the astronauts from the STS-129 mission that delivered parts to the International Space Station. The crew was in space for 11 days in late November. Some of them talked with Kubiak after practice for about 10 minutes.

"That was pretty cool," Kubiak said. "I was talking to them and asking them about their mission. Something tells me what they do is a little tougher than what we do. They talked a lot about teamwork, and it was a real honor to meet them."

Vonta Claus: For the second consecutive Friday, fullback Vonta Leach practiced in a Santa Claus getup. He did it seven days ago to 'loosen things up', and the Texans wound up winning against the Seahawks. So Kubiak and the Texans were all for an encore performance this morning.

"Last week worked out, so we let him do it again this week," Kubiak said with a grin.

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