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QB guru: Deshaun Watson is "dynamic leader"

Moments after the Texans took Deshaun Watson 12th overall in the NFL Draft, Jordan Palmer explained why Watson was the correct choice.

"He's the right pick for any team that wants to win," Palmer said. "This is the most dynamic leader I've ever been around at any level."

Palmer runs QB Summit, a quarterback academy in California. He's worked with Watson for the last few years, and helped him prep for the Combine, his Pro Day, and various visits and workouts in the months prior to last week's Draft. Palmer was an NFL quarterback from 2008 to 2014, and is the younger brother of

2002 Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer. He's especially impressed by Watson's leadership.

"With saying very little, he brings a presence to him," Palmer said. "I know a lot of the teams felt it. Players feel it. The Clemson players in the NFL were all calling their coaches telling them to take this kid. So he has this presence around him with and he does it by saying very little. And he wins. He's 89 and 9 as a high school and college starter."

Palmer was ecstatic when the Texans selected Watson.

"This is absolutely where I wanted him to go, all along," Palmer said. "I'm the biggest Bill O'Brien fan there is."

Watson and the rest of the Draft class, as well as undrafted free agents will report for rookie camp next week.

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