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QB health, a classic and a TV convo | Daily Brew

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It's week three and the 22nd trip to Jacksonville awaits. This is the place where the Texans got their first-ever road win. It was in year one and it was glorious. Deepi Sidhu did a story on it as part of our Texans Top 100 series when we celebrated the league's 100th anniversary.

Mark Brunell was still on the Jags. Aaron Glenn ran a lateral on a late punt return into field-goal range. We celebrated like it was a playoff win.

I might do the same this weekend if the Texans can knock off the defending AFC South champs. Houston has won five straight in North Florida, and 10 of the last 13. This time, things are tougher, as the Jags are loaded with talent.

This website and/or app always gets you ready for the game. If you're short on time, check out Drew Dougherty's One-Minute Update and see if you can read it in less than a minute. Time yourself and share with your friends!

There's no doubt injuries have been a big topic around here. But I'm pumped that the guy who handles the rock on every play looks good to go.

It's always interesting to hear what the opponent has to say about the Texans. Let's see if there's any bulletin board material. There better not be, considering the Texans are 5-1 on the road in the division in the last two years.

While it's a lot cooler lately (if you can call 90 degrees cool), your Texans are out there on the practice fields of the Houston Methodist training center, getting ready for battle. Check out these pics. Dameon Pierce looks like a latter day knight-without-the-armour in that headgear.

Finally, you'll want to check out Texans Huddle with ND Kalu and Deepi Sidhu on Tuesdays on Sports Radio 610 and on YouTube. Not only did they talk to Jonathan Greenard about week three but they went off the reservation and talked TV. Have you every watched Ugly Betty? Well, they all have.

I'll gladly take an ugly win on Sunday, because any kind of victory is beautiful in the standings. All your coverage will be right here. Go Texans!

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