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Got a question about the Texans? Life in general? Drew Dougherty's your guy. He's been with the Texans since 2009 and is chock full of meaningful, as well as generally useless, information. Fire away by clicking HERE.

David Hyde: Dear Drew, Will Davis Mills get another chance to start?
DD: Yes, and it's happening Sunday at Dallas. Head Coach Lovie Smith made the announcement Wednesday morning after practice, and said "It's about performance each week. Didn't feel like the performance last week warranted another start." So Kyle Allen is the backup again, and Mills will be back under center on Sunday.

Douglas Ferro: Dear Drew, When are we going to see players like Eno Benjamin in a game?
DD: Great question, Douglas. I think you'll see a bit more of Benjamin this week, and over the course of the final month of the season. The running back, who the Texans claimed off waivers from Arizona three weeks ago, was active for Sunday's loss to the Browns. But he didn't get any carries, wasn't targeted in the passing game, and was on the field for four snaps. I'd expect those numbers to rise, and possibly as soon as this Sunday.

Wide receiver Amari Rodgers was added to the team a day after Benjamin, and he too was active for the first time with the Texans last Sunday. He was in for 17 snaps, although he wasn't targeted either. I'd also expect that to change on Sunday.

BobbleTexan: Dear Drew, Even though quarterback is a top need, could you see the Texans drafting another position with the first pick? If so what do you see as the top priority if that is the case?
DD: Great to hear from you, BobbleTexan. Hope you and the family are doing great. I would be surprised if the Texans didn't pick a quarterback with their first draft pick. But I certainly can't guarantee it. If they weren't to go with a signal-caller, the needs on both sides of the ball are numerous. From anything in the defensive front seven, on the offensive line, at receiver and elsewhere, I could see the Texans using a pick there. But I think they'll pick a quarterback with their first selection.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, Is it just me or does it seem like our players are mostly uninspired and not playing 100 percent the last couple of games?
DD: No. While they haven't won, and the product on the field could be a lot better, I certainly wouldn't say they've lacked inspiration or hustle. Yes, they've been disappointed with the poor play, but they're certainly not dogging it. Smith has said so, and just this afternoon in the locker room, defensive lineman Jonathan Greenard spoke about how fired up and ready to go his teammates are. They're professionals. They just haven't won ballgames.

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