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Quessenberry's battle reaches mayor's office

Not only did the Houston Texans players, staff, and fans show their support for offensive lineman David Quessenberry, the entire city of Houston recognized the 23-year-old currently battling lymphoma.

"The City of Houston kind of dedicated today 'Texans for DQ Day,' and it's pretty incredible what a city can do," center Chris Myers said. "It wasn't just us as ballplayers, it was the entire city and organization, and all the fans being able to get behind this and gain some traction and obviously it got to the mayor's office and they wanted to be able to make it official so it speaks a lot for DQ."

Following Thursday's practice, the official proclamation was presented, naming Thursday, August 14, 2014 as 'Texans for DQ Day.' Myers spoke with Quessenberry, receiving treatment in San Diego, and told him about the proclamation.

"He's just overwhelmed," Myers said. "Obviously he's dealing with what he needs to deal with right

Texans players, fans and staff members are all behind David Quessenberry and his battle to beat Lymphoma. Check out a photo gallery of Texans family wearing their TEXANS FOR DQ shirts on #DQStrong Day.

now, and we're out here practicing. It makes you count your blessings for what you have and for us to be able to do this in honor of him. As long as he's out there fighting away we're going to be fighting for him."

Quessenberry has been staying connected with his teammates, requesting game film and watching their practices on an iPad while he fights non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He hopes to return to Houston in the next few months where he will receive his last five treatments.

The Atlanta Falcons were on hand for the presentation on Thursday, which took place after the two teams held their joint practice. Former Texans quarterback T.J.Yates and the Falcons offensive lineman showed their support, wearing red 'Atlanta for DQ' shirts.

"Quessenberry, we're staying connected with him," Ben Jones said. "Chris Myers is definitely our leader on the o-line and we reach out to Quessenberry almost every day, somebody on the o-line, T.J. (Yates) from the other team, he's one of our great friends and he's definitely been a big part of this, helping out with the Falcons' o-line. Quessenberry, he's just a dear friend and we wish he was out here with us."

Led by the efforts of veteran linemen Myers and Duane Brown, the Texans offensive line has dedicate the 2014 season to their teammate while he undergoes chemotherapy. Their goal is to raise $100,000 through the sale of the "Texans for DQ Strong" shirts. All proceeds of the shirts will be donated to the Lymphoma Research Foundation in Quessenberry's name. Shirts can be purchased at the Go Texans store or online at

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