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Roster moves to come, Texans fans at Cowboys, more... | Fans Wanna Know


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Darryl Hubbard: Dear Drew, Are we making more moves this offseason?
DD: Absolutely. You can count on it.
Right after the NFL Draft concluded, Executive Vice President/General Manager Nick Caserio promised there were more transactions to come.
"We'll probably have a lot of movement here between now and probably the end of the spring," Caserio said. "There will probably be some players we move on from here over the next few weeks. That's just the transition that goes on this time of year."
There's a great chance the team will continue to make trades. And keep waiving and releasing more. And they'll sign some, and claim some off waivers.

Mitchell Bennett: Dear Drew, I've been a Houston Texans fan since we started back in 2002. Do you think this is the most hyped Texans fans have been since the inception of the team back in 2002. Thank you guys and God bless and as always, Go Texans 🤘🏻
DD: If it's not, it's pretty danged close. In 2002, there were zero expectations of winning. Fans were just excited to have an NFL team again, and knew it would take a while for the Texans to improve.

After the 2011 season, expectations were high because Matt Schaub was coming back from injury, and the team had gone pretty far without him.

Then, heading into 2013, hopes were high again.

But I can't remember the optimism like this. There are stars all over the roster, and the quarterback was one of the very best in the NFL as a rookie.

It's a terrific time to be a Texans fan.

Josh Arnoldy: Dear Drew, We need to work overtime to make Jerry World feel like a home game this year. Along with the Texans' incredible efforts to engage with fans this year, what can be done to ensure the Traveling Texans take over the Cowboys game (possibly on Thanksgiving???)?
DD: Well Josh, I don't think Traveling Texans will need much help in this department. As mentioned above, excitement and enthusiasm about the current club is at an all-time high. Plus, there are thousands of Houstonians living and working in the DFW area, so it's easier for them to see a game. Also, a drive to Arlington isn't tough from the Houston area.
Add all that together, and I expect a healthy Texans crowd at AT&T Stadium this season.

We'll know the schedule on Wednesday, and I'm betting the Texans crowd in attendance this year will be even larger than the 2014 bunch that forced Tony Romo and company to use a silent count when they were on offense.

Theresa Kendricks: Dear Drew, Are the Texans having Free passes to Training Camp this year? If so, when are the vouchers being offered?
DD: Hi Theresa, the Texans will have some fan passes for camp practices this year, and those will come out in June or July. Keep your eyes on our social media channels for more information.

Jabbar Hasan: Dear Drew, When will fans be able to customize a Texans jersey?
DD: It's looking like the first week of June. Check back around then.

Charles Colston: Dear Drew, Once I pay for my season tickets, where do I pick them up?
DD: They'll be in the Houston Texans Mobile App. All Texans tickets are paperless.

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