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Jermaine Comeaux: Dear Drew, Is it possible that the Texans go after Derrick Henry or Saquon Barkley when free agency starts?
DD: It's possible, Jermaine. I'm not sure how likely it is, but sure, it's possible they pursue one or both of those running backs in free agency. There's a robust crop of free agent running backs this offseason.

Dameon Pierce, J.J. Taylor and Gerrid Doaks are the only Texans currently under contract at running back.

Devin Singletary and Dare Ogunbowale were with the team in 2023, but will be free agents.

It's a position I think the Texans will likely address in free agency, whether that means retaining Singletary and/or Ogunbowale, and/or signing another veteran.

But remember this: IF the Texans don't sign any free agents on the first day of free agency—which officially begins March 13—don't panic. General Manager Nick Caserio and company didn't sign any external free agents last year on the first day. They re-signed safety/special teamer M.J. Stewart that day but waited until two days after the start of free agency before signing players like fullback Andrew Beck, wide receiver Noah Brown and quarterback Case Keenum, to name a few. The day after that, they added defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins and safety Jimmie Ward. All five of those players made big impacts on the Texans' 10-win season in 2023, and none were signed on the first day of free agency.

But hey, this year might be different. There's always a chance the Texans do wind up signing a player or two or three that first day.

Jalyl Colon: Dear Drew, When will we see our new uniforms?
DD: The new uniforms will be revealed in April.

Navie Hurtado: Dear Drew, Being a Texans fan since 2002, where is the best place to stay and visit when this Cali Fan heads there for a home game next season? I'm excited to experience the H-Town vibe!
DD: Glad you'll be here for a game, Navie. You have a lot of options, but I would stay someplace Downtown, or in the Museum District or by the Galleria.

On the morning of the game, I'd arrive early and mosey through the parking lots and check out the tailgates, then come over between NRG Stadium and the Astrodome to the BULLevard and check out the fun stuff going on.

I tweeted out your question to crowd-source some opinions and got the answers below.

Cristian Alvarado: Dear Drew, When are practice tickets available?
DD: The dates and times of training camp practices open to the public haven't been announced yet, and probably won't be until mid-June at the earliest. Typically, anywhere from five to eight are open to fans, usually in that last week of July and first week or two of August.

Caitlin Walker: Dear Drew, How early can we buy tickets for 2024 games?
DD: The 2024 regular season schedule won't be released until April or May, but in the meanwhile, you can click the link HERE, or call the ticketing office at 832-667-2002, or email them at

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