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Shane Lechler on situational football

Countless hours are dedicated to a plan of attack in a football game. But inevitably, a monkey wrench or two or three or more gets thrown into the works. Because of that, Bill O'Brien's preparing the Texans for a variety of challenges they'll face in 2014. And according to Shane Lechler, the most veteran member of the squad, he's doing it well.

"I think Bill's a good teacher," the 15-year veteran punter said on Tuesday. "Learning a bunch of different situations is fun to do. That way you're not so surprised on game day. I've learned a lot this camp."

Lechler entered the NFL in 2000, and peeled off a brilliant 13 years in Oakland. He played in a Super

Bowl, seven Pro Bowls and was a first team All-Pro selection another six times. In addition to his punting duties, he's also the holder on field goal and extra point attempts. In a pinch, the former East Bernard high school quarterback could throw a pass or two, if needed. So he's always paying attention.

"We don't want anything to catch us by surprise," Lechler said. "Just learning a lot of different situations. Not only pertaining to me. I like to hear what the offense is thinking during situations. Defensively, what they're thinking. We do a good job of going over that." Lechler also has a front row view to the kicker battle between the incumbent Randy Bullock, and rookie Chris Boswell.

"I think it's been a good competition," Lechler said. "Boswell being a rookie, has hit the ball well. Bullock was perfect today, and he's kicking the ball well. It's going to be a good competition."

Lechler's final punt of Tuesday was a floater caught by nose tackle Ricardo Matthews. The successful catch meant the day would be a little shorter. The Texans have Wednesday off, and will return to the practice fields on Thursday.


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