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Tank Dell aftermath, New uniforms and...PLAYOFFS??!? | Fans Wanna Know


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Bethany Johnson: Dear Drew, First off, I miss the live Waterbreak Wednesdays! Second, who do you think will step up with the brutal loss of Tank Dell for the rest of the season?
DD: Thanks a lot, Bethany. We miss doing them, too.

As for Dell, he's not replaceable. His speed, separation-ability, elusiveness and position-flexibility are unique. In just 11 games, he set a franchise record for rookies with seven touchdown catches, and he had 709 receiving yards, with a 15.1 yards per catch average. The Texans used him to carry the ball often on end-arounds, and he also averaged 9.1 yards per punt return.

Nico Collins had a big day on Sunday, with 191 yards on nine catches. He'll continue to get a robust amount of targets. So too, should Robert Woods and Noah Brown.

But I think you'll see more Xavier Hutchinson and John Metchie, III with Tank Dell out. The Texans might pull a player or two up from the practice squad in the weeks to come, and there's certainly a possible free agent signing on the way as well. But that guy will likely be a practice squad addition.

Jack Sanders: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans have a reasonable chance at the playoffs and maybe even the Super Bowl?
DD: Jack, the playoffs are a more than reasonable possibility. Houston's now two games over .500 with five to go, and all five are winnable games.

This weekend's foe is the Jets, who still haven't named a starter at quarterback. They've already lost eight games. Their last win came on October 29, and they've not scored more than 13 points in a game since they scored 20 against the Eagles on October 15.

After New York, Houston gets the Titans twice, with the Browns in between those Tennessee games. They finish at Indianapolis in Week 18. In every contest, C.J. Stroud will enter it as the superior quarterback, and that alone should always give you confidence.

Nate Crane: Dear Drew, Are we getting OIlers blue jersey next year? Is J.J. Watt coming back?
DD: No, and I doubt it.

There will be four different jersey options next season, and some might have a hint of some newer H-Town blue coloring. You'll see the new threads the week of the NFL Draft in late April.

As for Watt, I'd be surprised if he comes back. Despite the chatter over the last few weeks on the Pat McAfee show, I think he's enjoying retirement and he's also said he's not in football shape right now.

But…like I've always said: don't ever doubt J.J. Watt.

If he changes his mind and decides to come back…look out.

Mitchell Kulka: Dear Drew, When is Jarret Patterson expected to be back and how will it change our offensive line?
DD: Patterson is on injured reserve and won't likely be back this season. When the 2023 sixth-rounder returns, however, he'll comeback with an impressive bank of experience from starting the first seven contests of the season at center.

Patterson played well and this season, and his return to action this spring will only add to the competitiveness up front on the interior for Houston.

Andrew Ison: Dear Drew, How did you end up with a career with the Texans? Working for them is a dream and I'd like to know what made you realize that's what you wanted to do!
DD: Thanks Andrew. Like all things in life, good fortune and timing played a huge role in getting the job. I'd spent a decade in both television and the print journalism world—newspapers, magazines and the internet-- as a producer, writer and sports anchor and reporter.

In the four years prior to joining the Texans in 2009, I was the sports anchor at the FOX affiliate in Lubbock, and I also was the sports anchor for the Telemundo affiliate as well.

The Texans job became available, and I got it.

It's morphed and changed dramatically in 15 years, but it's been a whole lot of fun.

E.J. Zalewski: Dear Drew, Do you think there will ever be a world where robots and humans could peacefully coexist?
DD: Excellent question, E.J., and I think we're living in that world right now. Robots tend to get a bad rap, but I get a ton of hope for the present and future when I think of when Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the 1991 blockbuster "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" said "I know now why you cry."

Eduardo Orellana:  Dear Drew, What time do you arrive to the stadium on game day?
DD: For a noon kickoff, I typically get to NRG Stadium between 9 and 10 am.

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