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Houston Texans

Technique, weight gain key for Duane Brown

Duane Brown is bigger.

And he's worked on his technique.

Those are two ingredients in what he said will make him a better player in 2014.

The Texans' Pro Bowl left tackle said he tipped the scale at a "svelte" 322 pounds, which is different than his 2013 training camp weigh-in.

"Last year I was about 20 pounds lighter," Brown said. "While I liked the way I looked, it wasn't as effective as I could have been."

Brown wasn't happy with the way he played in 2013, but is more confident about the immediate future.

"I feel a lot more effective," Brown said. "I feel stronger. But I haven't sacrificed my athleticism at all."

The seven-year veteran also said offensive line coach Paul Dunn has been a big help in one key area.

"He's very huge on technique," Brown said. "For an o-lineman, specifically a tackle, technique is everything.

You can be the best athlete in the world but technique is what makes you successful. He really harps on it and preaches it daily. Never to lose your fundamentals. That's something I think that will help me out a lot, as well as the other guys."

The first training camp practice for Brown and the Texans is Saturday morning at the Houston Methodist Training Center.


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