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Texans host military members at practice


The Texans got an extra buzz at Thursday's practice when over 200 military members watched practice from the sidelines of the Houston Methodist Training Center as part of Salute to Service Week sponsored by FMC Technologies.

Prior to watching practice, service men and women from all five branches of the military enjoyed delicious BBQ in NRG Stadium's Verizon West Club and an exclusive tour of the facilities.

""It's an honor to have them at practice," head coach Bill O'Brien said following Thursday's

workout. "What they do, what they mean to this country, obviously over the last 10 to 15 years what they've meant to this country, anytime you can reach out to them and show them respect and show them how much they mean to you, I think it's an important part of our job.

"A couple of those people said thank you and they kept thanking us, thanking our players, especially thanking me when I stepped over there. And really it's all about thanking them. Thanking them for their service to this country."

Defensive end J.J. Watt echoed the head coach's sentiments, saying the entire team was excited for the opportunity to chat with military members and autograph their Texans memorabilia.

Over 200 service men and women enjoyed BBQ served by the Lady Texans and got to watch Texans practice as part of Salute to Service Week pres. by FMC Technologies.

"Sometimes I kind of wish they could line up and play with us because I feel like some of them want to get out there," Watt said."It's a really cool thing and it's a great chance for us to say thank you, and after practice especially to go up and individually shake their hands and say thank you for what you do."

Veteran center Chris Myers, who is heavily involved in multiple organizations benefiting veterans, says Salute to Service Week as a whole is a great way for Houston to recognize and show appreciation for our military.

"It stats from the top down. Mr. McNair and his wife Janice have always been very generous in the fact that being able to welcome the military in here and be able to pay them the due respect that they deserve," he said. "It goes downhill. Coach O'Brien is the same way. A lot of the players here do a lot in the community with a lot of service members. Whatever we can do to be able to help out with them is going to be huge in their everyday life."

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