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Playoffs??!!?, John Metchie, III and an intriguing rookie | Fans Wanna Know


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D.J. Amazing: Dear Drew, Now that we have a super quarterback, do you think we'll make the playoffs?
DD: Why the hell not?

We're only six games into the season, D.J., so it's still really early. But I won't go Jim Mora (if you don't know what that means…WATCH THIS) on you, either.

The Texans are 3-3, are tied for second in the NFL with a plus-6 in turnover differential and have what appears to be a wise-beyond-his years rookie quarterback in C.J. Stroud.

He's made so many plays and helped the Texans to a 3-1 mark after they dropped their first two games of the season.

The defense is drastically better against the run than it was last season, and the secondary is making plays.

There's a confidence and different spirit around this team, too.

I'm not making any bold proclamations, but I think a playoff run by the Texans is certainly a possibility.

Things are different now.

Eric Bishop: Dear Drew, Why was John Metchie, III not on the field against the Saints?
DD: He was on the field for 16 snaps (25 percent) offensively against New Orleans. Aside from the Atlanta game, when he logged 25 offensive snaps, that's right in line with what he was playing in the other four games this season.

Against the Saints, veteran Noah Brown was on the field a lot more, and rookie Xavier Hutchinson saw an uptick in action as well.

The Texans have repeatedly said throughout the last few months that Metchie's making good progress after missing all of 2022 with a knee injury and Acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL).

Don Zweifel: Dear Drew, How is Dylan Horton doing? I thought he was interesting going into the draft, and I wonder if he is up to the NFL challenge.
DD: He's absolutely up to the challenge and is doing well.

The fourth round pick has appeared in every game and played between 22 to 41 percent of the snaps in those contests. He's logged a tackle for loss, recovered a fumble and tallied seven total tackles this year.

Look for him to continue to contribute down the stretch in the final 11 games.

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