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Texans Top 100: Fans hold welcome rally after 2011 win in Cincinnati 

Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011 was a great day.

The Texans pulled off a fourth-quarter comeback win over the Cincinnati Bengals. Rookie quarterback T.J. Yates orchestrated an 80-yard drive that ended in a Kevin Walter touchdown with just two seconds remaining.

Players gathered in the locker room to watch the final seconds of the Tennessee Titans game against New Orleans Saints. When the Saints won, the locker room erupted in cheers as the Texans earned their first AFC South title in franchise history.

Back in Houston, a crowd had formed outside NRG (then Reliant) Stadium to welcome home the new division champs. Players got off the buses and an impromptu fan rally took place as Houston celebrated its first playoff-bound Texans.

Check out some of the photos from that unforgettable moment in Texans history.

Check out photos from when fans held a rally outside NRG Stadium to welcome home the Texans after they clinched the AFC South title with a win over the Bengals in Cincinnati.

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