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Texans Top 100: Unveiling the Texans uniform

On September 25, 2001, fans got their first glimpse of the inaugural Houston Texans uniforms. Founder, chairman and C.E.O. Bob McNair unveiled the new uniforms in downtown Houston in front of thousands, who had gathered to watch.

McNair counted down from 10 as the crowd joined in and gigantic float-sized versions of the home and away jerseys were revealed. The home version featured a deep steel blue jersey trimmed with battle red and liberty white with white pants. The white road jersey had blue and red trim paired with blue pants. Both home and away would be worn with the deep steel blue helmet with the bullhead logo.

A number of celebrities were present for the unveiling, including ZZ Top, Mary Lou Retton, A.J. Foyt, Eric Dickerson. The Houston Texans cheerleaders also made their debut.

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