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Texans Transcripts: August 8


Head Coach Bill O'Brien**
(on the fighting at practice today) "It's training camp, you know? It's intense out there. It's too bad, but that's just what happens with two competitive teams. We both got work done. We just separated the practice. It's a good couple days, I guess two and a half. It was good."

(on if the fighting makes him rethink doing joint practices) "No. No, it doesn't make me rethink doing them."

(on separating the two teams for the end of practice) "Yeah, it just looked like that was the best thing to do."

(on having RB Chris Polk back at practice) "Good. Anytime we can get all of our players out there, it's important. He's missed some time and him being back out there today helped that running back situation depth-wise. It was good."

(on what RB Chris Polk adds to the running back group) "I see him as a three-down back. He's still learning our system. He needs to be out there every day. He's working hard to stay healthy. He's a really good guy. He's a hard working guy. Biggest thing with him is health."

(on if he still considers the trip to Richmond a success) "Absolutely. Other than having to separate today, we still got work done. But the two days that we were together there, we got a lot of situational work. It was good to work against them. Being in the hotel as a team, there's some bonding that goes on there, too. It was good. Good days here."

WR Cecil Shorts III
(on his role in the offense) "Whatever they ask me to do. I'm here to do."

(on the team not backing down from the fighting at practice) "No, no, no. We expected that was going to happen today. Everybody had each other's back. That's how it goes sometimes when you're going against another team in practice."

(on why he expected there to be a fight today) "It just happens. When two teams have been practicing for a while against each other, tempers flare. The last day, you want to end on a good note. We kind of figured something was going to happen and we prepared for it. We did a good job staying together. Nobody got hurt. It's over with. Let's move on."

(on if he saw what caused the fighting) "No. I don't know. I think I was running a route."

(on if fighting can bring a team together) "We all respect each other. I think that was a big thing coach talked about last night, being a nasty and tough team. Not taking nothing from nobody and I don't think we did today."

(on if the team accomplished their goals in Richmond) "We did. We did. We wanted to go against somebody else besides our own defense versus our own offense. It was a test for us to go out there and execute against a team who doesn't know us and they don't know us. We don't know them. I think we did a good job. There's a lot to go, but we did all right."

(on CB A.J. Bouye and CB Kevin Johnson) "They're two good players. Very aggressive. I played against A.J. last year in Jacksonville. They're two good players and they're very aggressive. They're fun to go against because they always compete. That's probably the biggest thing I've seen from them. They compete every single play."

(on if the Texans have one of the deeper cornerback situations in the NFL) "We're in a good situation. We're in a very good situation to be that deep at any position."

(on QB Ryan Mallett's development) "This is the first time I'm with Ryan. He looks great to me. I don't know much about him before that. But Ryan looks good."

(on his expectations for QB Ryan Mallett) "Really all the quarterbacks look good. They all take charge of the offense when they are running with the one's or the two's. From Tom (Savage), Ryan, and Brian (Hoyer), they all do a good job of running the offense. I'm glad I don't have to make that decision."

(on Hard Knocks) "You know what, you don't even realize they're out here until you start walking around doing your own thing and they're following you. But when you're at practice and stuff, you don't even realize it. You're so focused on what you have to do. When you're in meetings, you're focused on listening to everything, so you don't really realize it."

(on the chances today's fighting makes it on Hard Knocks) "Probably 100 percent. I think SportsCenter was out here. It will probably be on SportsCenter all week. It is what it is."

(on if Hard Knocks has wired him with a microphone yet) "No, they have not mic'd me up. I'm not cool enough yet. Maybe get some more touchdowns this year and maybe next time."

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