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Texans WFH this week, prep for New Orleans, Fyre Festival II? | Daily Brew

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Daily Brew is bringing you all the coffee today, but sadly, it won't be a New Orleans chicory flavor. Not until Sunday, at least...

The Houston Texans will be working from home this week after cancelling their joint practice sessions with the New Orleans Saints. Instead, the teams will meet up on Sunday night for their third and final preseason game.

Head Coach DeMeco Ryans discussed why he wanted to stay home this week, players were "a little banged up" and the team could use the extra time to work on fundamentals and technique.

Players are off today and will be practicing Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, to get a taste of regular season scheduling for their main course. The beignets will also have to wait until Sunday.

Speaking of teaching, John Harris broke down some of the big plays and teachable moments from the Texans preseason loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Johnathan Joseph, who played nine seasons and earned a pair of Pro Bowl berths with the Texans, and a number of coaches had a chance to dip their toes into coaching during training camp thanks to the Bill Walsh Diversity Fellowship. Josesph's addition was instrumental to assisting the development of Derek Stingley Jr. The program benefitted the coaches, staff and players. Find out why DeMeco Ryans is a big fan:

Ryans joined Monday’s Texas All-Access for an exclusive interview with Marc Vandermeer and John Harris. The head coach discussed the Texans week ahead and what needs to improve heading into the Saints game.

And finally...

Is anyone else as obsessed with this Fyre Festival announcement as me?

I watched both the Hulu and Netflix documentaries of the failed luxury music festival. Who could forget the fans being scammed into eating cheese sandwiches and sleeping in tents?

Narrator: People had, in fact, forgotten.

Stay tuned for a second fire/Fyre documentary out of all of this…

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