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Texans win 4 straight, quickly turn page to Miami

The Texans hold sole possession of the AFC South after a hot four-game win streak, beating Indianapolis, Dallas, Buffalo and Jacksonville following an 0-3 start to the 2018 season.

"I think we started believing more," Tyrann Mathieu said. "We started the season 0-3. No one was negative. We all know we were really close to winning the game. We kept working and tuned out a lot of the outside noise. It's good to win four in a row. Like I told the team, we got a lot to prove."

Heading into a short week, the team has just a few days to rest and quickly turn to the page to facing the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night.

"I feel very good for this team because these guys have worked very hard to overcome a lot," head coach Bill O'Brien said. "It's very hard to dig yourself out of an 0-3 hole, but we are not even at the halfway point of the season. We haven't even hit Thanksgiving. We've got to enjoy this win for right now, quickly get off the plane and we've already started – but really turning our attention to Miami Dolphins. Otherwise, I'll be standing up here on Thursday night after the game, and you'll be asking different questions."

The Texans offense, which had struggled recently in the red zone, were 2-of-3 (67 percent) in the red zone and 1-of-1 in goal-to-go situations. Houston's defense, which shut out the Jaguars for the first half of the game, held the offense to 259 total net yards (70 rushing and 189 passing). The Texans also forced three turnovers, two fumble recoveries on Blake Bortles and an interception against Cody Kessler. Special teams pinned the Jaguars inside their own 10-yard line three times, twice after punting and once on a kickoff return.

"We definitely played better complementary football than we had played in most of our games," O'Brien said. "No doubt about it. They got turnovers, we turned them into touchdowns and one field goal and so we definitely played better complementary football.

Deshaun Watson, who completed 12-of-24 for 139 yards and one touchdown, is still taking precautionary measures with his recent chest injury. He will be riding a bus back to Houston following the 20-7 win in Jacksonville. The team will resume practice on Monday evening. With both the Titans and the Jaguars falling to 3-4 with their Week 7 losses, the Texans currently have the best record in the division at 4-3 and will host the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football.

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