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The 7 key priorities for GM Brian Gaine

General manager Brian Gaine has been hard at work for over a week evaluating the Texans' current roster. He's now in Mobile for Senior Bowl week, where he and the scouting staff will keep a close eye on the prospects Bill O'Brien and company will coach on the South squad, and coach against on the North.

Whether or not the Texans wind up selecting one, two, six or zero Senior Bowlers in the April Draft, last week Gaine outlined his philosophy for building a roster.

Below, in his words, are seven key priorities when it comes to constructing a football team. The first one is taken care of with Deshaun Watson under center.

1. Quarterback: "You are going to pursue everything you can to try and get a quarterback. I feel like there's one here that we can build a future with."

2. Up front: "The offensive line and the defensive line are critical. We will always be looking for players to help us impact as it relates to winning performances in offensive and defensive linemen."

3. Run it: "The running game's critical offensively speaking, both for the impact it has in the running game, controlling down and distance, but also because of its impact on the passing game. If you can run the ball, it's only going to help the passing game."

4. Explosiveness: "We're going to be looking for explosive athletes. Not just players that we can surround Deshaun with, but we're going to be looking for explosive athletes, players that can make plays in space and equally deter plays that are made in space."

5. Pressure: "We're going to be looking for pressure players. Guys that can get to the quarterback. Equally, players on offense that can stress the defense vertically and horizontally relating to speed.

6. Coverage: "Looking for guys that can run and cover and stretch the perimeter. Obviously, vertically stretch the defense.

7. Four/ST: "Fourth down and special teams players...That, to me, will be the formula and the guiding principles of how we'll build the roster."

Check out photos of new Texans GM Brian Gaine's introductory press conference.

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