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The Houston Texans and the 2023 NFL Draft | By the Numbers

The Houston Texans wrapped up their 2023 NFL Draft on Saturday night, breaking some team and league records. According to ESPN, NFL teams made a record 43 draft day trades (Thursday-Saturday) this year. The previous record was 40 draft day trades in 2019.

Check out some fun facts from this year's draft, by the numbers:


The number of times Nick Caserio has not traded out of the seventh round of the NFL Draft (2023 – DB Brandon Hill at 248th overall).


The number of times the Texans remained in their draft slot (2, 201) without trading up or down. In the first round, the Texans selected QB C.J. Stroud with the second overall pick. Five rounds later, Houston picked OL Jarrett Patterson from Notre Dame with the 201st overall pick.

The number of times a team in the Common Draft Era has drafted two of the top three players overall (1992 Colts, 2000 Washington, 2023 Texans).


The number of defensive players drafted by Houston: DL Will Anderson Jr. (Alabama), DL Dylan Horton (TCU), LB Henry To'oto'o (Alabama), DB Brandon Hill (Pitt).

The number of offensive players drafted by Houston: Stroud, OL Juice Scruggs (Penn State), WR Tank Dell (Houston), Patterson, WR Xavier Hutchinson (Iowa State).

The number of players drafted who also served as team captains in college: Stroud, Anderson, Scruggs, Dell, Horton, Patterson, Hutchinson.


The number of trades executed by General Manager Nick Caserio, the most by any team in this year's draft and a franchise record for the Texans.


The number of players drafted by Houston in the 2023 NFL Draft.

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