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The latest on C.J. Stroud, Kareem Jackson's role & new colors | Fans Wanna Know


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Eli Carel: Dear Drew, How much longer is C.J. Stroud out? And how old do I have to be to be a water boy?
DD: Eli's first question is a variation of the most popular topic this week: Stoud's status. His second one is a good one, too, so that's why Eli's was chosen.

Stroud was back at practice on Wednesday, and it was his first on-field action since leaving the loss at New York three weeks ago in the fourth quarter. Since then, the rookie quarterback's been in the concussion protocol.

Seeing him out there today is obviously a very encouraging sign. Head Coach DeMeco Ryans shared that Stroud was in stage 4 of the concussion protocol, and that it was good to have Stroud back.

"It just lifts everybody's spirits to see him back doing well and still progressing in the right direction," Ryans said. "So, happy about that."

The men and women who you see dispensing water on game day are all full-time employees of the sports medicine staff. There's no real age minimum, but they all have undergraduate and graduate degrees, along with some high levels of experience at previous stops.

Eli, your question is the one selected to win Texas Lottery Scratchoffs. Congratulations. I hope you win big.

Omar Gomez: Dear Drew, Are we getting new jerseys next year? if so, what will be our colors?
DD: Yes.

The new uniforms and helmets will be revealed the week of the NFL Draft this April. Some of the colors will be the same and some will be tweaked. There might—or might not--be a new color or two added to the mix.

Bethany Johnson: Dear Drew, With the return of Kareem Jackson, what number will he wear since #25 is currently occupied by Desmond King?
DD: At Wednesday's practice Jackson wore 22. That was his number the last five seasons with the Denver Broncos. He wore 25 from 2010 through 2018 with the Texans.

Bryland Rivera: Dear Drew, Can we expect to see the newly-acquired Kareem Jackson play next week?
DD: I'd think he'll probably be able to suit up on Sunday against the Titans.

He hasn't played a game since November 19, he feels good, and he's got a ton of experience. He's a former teammate of his head coach, who explained why Houston claimed Jackson off waivers.

"At this time of the year, it's hard to find a guy who has the type of experience that Kareem has and the type of playmaking ability that he has," Ryans said. "So, we were able to add a guy, and looking forward to working with him."

Ben Miller: Dear Drew, How will the Texans get to the playoffs?
DD: The simplest way is by winning both games. That would all but assure them of a Wild Card spot.

They could win the AFC South if that happened, and the Jaguars were to lose a game. Houston would have the best record in the division, and would host a first-round playoff game at NRG Stadium.

There are other possibilities to still make it if they don't win out, but I'm not going down that road yet. Let's just win.

Alex Sobel: Dear Drew, What do you think the future will be like with our Offensive Rookie of the Year, C.J. Stroud?
DD: The present is already bright with him under center, and it should only get brighter. He's been a joy to watch, he's wise beyond his years on and off the field, and he's had pinpoint accuracy and excellent decision-making this year.

There are no limits to what the franchise can accomplish in the years to come with him under center.

Delsyn Brisbin: Dear Drew, Jordan or LeBron?
DD: Olajuwon.

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