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The Leftovers: A return on the horizon and final 2 scenarios

Drew Dougherty has been the host of Texans TV since 2009. He answers questions from fans on a weekly basis. Drew answered a few via Facebook in the video above. He answered many more from Facebook in the article below.

Christopher Douglas Koehn: Dear Drew, Do you believe J.J. Watt will return for the Playoffs?
DD: Tremendous question, Christopher. I'll never bet against the guy. Head coach Bill O'Brien didn't rule it out when he was asked about it earlier this week. Watt didn't rule it out when he was asked about it on Sunday Night Football. The Texans still haven't burned the second of two IR spots. All signs point to the possibility of him playing in the postseason. But the Texans have to get to the playoffs, first. A win Saturday in Tampa would make that happen.

Roman McPeake: Dear Drew, Has Benardrick McKinney cleared the concussion protocol yet, and will he likely play this week if he does?
DD: McKinney didn't participate in practice Tuesday or Wednesday. It's not likely he'll clear the concussion protocol in time for Saturday's game.

Charles Davis: Dear Drew, When are the Texans releasing the their air-guitar/band video synced with AC/DC?
DD: Haha, great question. I'll ask and see.

Clay Crawford: Dear Drew, Has Jon Weeks ever had a bad snap in his tenure with the Texans?
DD: If he has, Clay, I haven't seen it. Weeks has been part of a special teams unit that's been excellent again in 2019. Yesterday he was named as an alternate Pro Bowler. He went after the 2015 season.

Joe Pyland: Dear Drew, When are the Texans going back to London? I still have a few pounds left over and will buy you a pint or two.
DD: Thanks Joe! I'll take you up on that. Don't know when they'll go back, but it might be awhile. They were one of the last NFL squads to play a London game, so their turn in the rotation might not be up again soon.

Shanan Robinson Malone: Dear Drew, Who should we cheer for this week? Patriots, Ravens or KC?
DD: None, Shanan. (And great question.) You want the Texans to win out, and them to lose out. If the Texans win their final two, the Patriots lose their final two, the Chiefs lose once in the final two, and the Jets beat the Bills in Week 17, then the Texans get a bye. That's a mighty longshot, but it still remains a possibility. That's what you want to happen above all other things. Let's re-convene next week is some of those things don't happen this weekend.

Denarius Street: Dear Drew, If the Texans secure the division Saturday, do you think they should rest the starters Week 17 or try to beat the Titans?
DD: Gotta beat the Buccaneers, first. Tampa Bay is hot lately, and Jameis Winston's been lighting it up. He's thrown for 300-plus yards in 10 of the last 12 games. Shaq Barrett's been a game-wrecker on defense. The trip to Tampa will be a tough one.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, What is your gut feeling about this Tampa Bay game?
DD: It's going to be a tough one. They're on a roll lately and have explosiveness on both offense and defense.

Cristian Kuna: Dear Drew, Should the Texans look to add more OL depth whether its through the draft or FA?
DD: The offensive line was much better this season, but I think the Texans will always look to upgrade any position on the squad. If they see someone available who they think can help, then sure, I think they'll add pieces up front on the line.

Scott N Julia Ford: Dear Drew, How is the Defensive line feeling after a huge game against the Titans?
DD: They're probably happy with the win, but now focusing on the Buccaneers and an explosive offense. Tampa likes to throw it a lot, so it'll give the defensive line more chances to hit Winston. They like that aspect of this weekend's matchup.

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