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The Leftovers: Backup QB, O-line, Battle Red Day

In the video above, Drew Dougherty answered a few fan questions submitted via Facebook. In the article below, he answered a few more. It'd be nice if you could bench your own body weight 10 times.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, Looking for updates on our defensive line who ended up on IR last year as well as the forgotten receiver Bruce Ellington. Also, how does Sammy Coates fit in with our receiving corps and how much of an impact do you think he will have this year?

DD: Good questions, James. Defensive linemen J.J. Watt, Christian Covington and D.J. Reader missed a combined 22 games in 2017. All three should be good to go for training camp and we saw Covington and Reader practicing in May and June during OTAs and minicamp.

As for Ellington and Coates, they're part of a spirited competition behind DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller for the remaining wide receiver spots. Rookie Keke Coutee looked great over the last couple months, and Braxton Miller's looked improved as well.

Ellington made plays last year and did so in a fairly dynamic way. He was able to get open deep, but also showed he could break some tackles and get yards after the catch. I believe he'll be a part of the offense this season.

Coates had a strong showing in OTAs and at minicamp. If he keeps up in training camp and the preseason what he started a few months ago, he'll make this squad.

Cameron Knight: Dear Drew, How is Aaron Colvin looking and will he have useful insight coming from the Jags?

DD: Cameron, Colvin is a versatile corner who flourished inside and is capable of playing outside. He held his own during May and June and will be a regular on Sundays in the defensive backfield for the Texans. His insight surely won't hurt, but I'm not sure it's going to be THE deciding factor in beating the Jaguars.

Mark Baughman: Dear Drew, What game are you going to wear that workout jacket in the picture to? (I'll provide the cotton candy).

DD: Hey Mark, I'll wear it when the Texans play Rice, cool?

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, Is it possible that the Texans could sign another QB to compete for the backup job during training camp or pre-season when final roster cuts are made? Or will they stick with just Deshaun Watson and Joe Webb, III?

DD: Sure, Samantha. It's possible they'd go a different route, but I think they'll stand pat with what they have. As it stands now, Watson is backed up by Brandon Weeden. Webb and Stephen Morris are also on the roster. The beauty of having Webb is his ability to help you out on special teams and at receiver if needed. That way, you always have three quarterbacks active on gameday, instead of the typical two.

Jonathon Lovil: Dear Drew, Any updates on Martinas Rankin's foot surgery recovery? We need him on the oline.

DD: Hope all is well, Jonathon. According to head coach Bill O'Brien in mid-June, Rankin was "doing well. He's a smart guy. I think he's picked up the things we've taught him. He's picked them up well and I think he has a good future here." Look for Rankin to be in the mix sometime in camp, or near the start of the regular season.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, When do uniform combos/themes get announced? I'm going to 2 different games this season, and I've gotta know what color I should wear!

DD: Soon, Samantha. Probably in the next week or so.

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