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The Leftovers: Draft class grades, scheme changes and more

Fans sent in questions via Facebook for Drew Dougherty. He answered a few in the video above and many more in the article below.

Javier Hu: Dear Drew, How to do you feel about being ranked 31st (one away from being ranked last) by in draft grades?
DD: I don't care. I'll feel bad if that grade is still the same--and I doubt it will be--when they re-evaluate it three years from now. The Texans' Draft class got a C+ in the article you reference. That's an odd mark to assign for the next-to-last performer, don't you think?

James Garcia: Dear Drew, With Brian Gaine and company's successful draft class from last year, do you think we have the same potential with this years draft class?
DD: Absolutely. They took a pair of highly-rated offensive tackles with two of their first three picks, so it looks like they've beefed up a young offensive line with even more talent. Add in the corner help, the tight end Kahale Warring and then the additions of Charles Omenihu at defensive end and Cullen Gillaspia on special teams, and Houston looks like it got better in a few key areas.

Travis Weatherspoon: Dear Drew, How much of a contributing factor will our new offensive coordinator be? Will he play a large role? Will he call most if not all plays?
DD: Tim Kelly is the new offensive coordinator and he'll be a much bigger factor. He makes the jump up from being a tight ends coach to coordinating the offense. He's led some offensive meetings in the past, but will now lead them on a much more regular basis. Kelly's a creative, hard-working guy, and his fingerprints will be all over the offense this season. As far as play-calling goes, nobody's defined that role yet, so we shall see.

Roman Belmarez: Dear Drew, Did the Texans grab another TE in the draft because they're dying to run 2x TE sets, or did they simply want to add depth and have someone else that could do more run blocking?
DD: Roman, the Texans took Kahale Warring out of San Diego State because he was easily the best player available at that spot. "The board spoke to them", as Gaine likes to say, which means Warring was the best player available. Gaine and O'Brien spoke about Warring's blocking skills, which were sometimes overlooked because of his freakish athleticism and impressive measurables. But yes, you'll very likely see the Texans operate with two and sometimes three tight ends next season, as they have a stable of players at that spot now who are very talented.

Clay Crawford: Dearest Drew, Can John Harris smoke you in the 40?
DD: Haha, there's a good chance of that happening. I'm built for distance, not speed. Johnny played safety back in the day, and his fast-twitch muscles are likely still twitching. But I've been swimming and hitting the weights for the last year, so you never know.

John White: Dear Drew, Am I the only one who see's us a super bowl caliber team? I think we could sweep the whole division.
DD: I like the optimism, John. I'm sure it's shared by a few more folks out there. While the season might not end in a Super Bowl, I think there's always a chance when Deshaun Watson is healthy and taking snaps at quarterback for Houston.

Jorge Balderas: Dear Drew, Do you see Ndamukong Suh lined up with J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney this season?
DD: Probably not, Jorge, but there's always a chance. He's certainly someone who could upgrade the interior pass rush, and if he was signed now he wouldn't count against the compensatory pick formula. I think the price tag might be a little high.

Matthew Garza: Dear Drew, Will all Texans jerseys have the Texans symbol in the back? Example Liberty White jersey, Color Rush, Battle Red?
DD: Yep.

Jack Beezley: Dear Drew, Assuming the new rookies develop, what becomes of Julién Davenport? Does he become a swing tackle?
DD: Great question, because you also have to assume Davenport will continue developing. It's still a bit early to write him off. He started the bulk of last season at left tackle, but will now be challenged by the two rookies as well as veteran Matt Kalil. He's entering year three in the NFL, and still has less than 16 games of starting experience. He's still in the infancy of his NFL career. But yes, if the rookies develop the way the Texans hope, then the Texans will be much deeper on the offensive line and Davenport would likely compete for the swing tackle spot.

Ronnie Manley: Dear Drew, Would the Texans consider bringing in Jay Ajayi? I know he has been injured but, has also had some big games, and he is still reasonably young (for a running back).
DD: He, like all free agents, will get consideration. Like the Suh question above, I don't think it will happen, but wouldn't be stunned if it did. Pretty sure the Texans are going to roll with Lamar Miller and D'Onta Foreman, and see if one of the undrafted rookies can make the squad.

Jason McLeod: Dear Drew, with the new additions on defense what type of scheme do you see the team running this year?
DD: It'll be the same scheme, Jason. There might be a few new wrinkles, but coordinator Romeo Crennel won't make drastic changes to his defense. The rookies will be in the building tomorrow and then on the field Friday through Sunday for their first minicamp.

Angus Johnson: Dear Drew, I think Charles Omenihu was the steal of our draft class. What do you think?
DD: I'm excited he's here, too, and he's certainly a worthy choice for that label. Based on his productivity at Texas, his measurables, etc, he has a chance to contribute. He's pretty pumped to join a team with Jadeveon Clowney, one of the players he grew up admiring. As far as steals go, keep an eye on Max Scharping, too. He's a mountain of a man and was incredibly effective his entire career at Northern Illinois. Plus he's sharp as a razor, mentally.

Clinton Polasek: Dear Drew, Do you think that any of the undrafted free agents will make the team?
DD: Clinton, if history holds, there will at least be one undrafted rookie on the 53-man roster, if not two or three. Last season, wide receiver Vyncint Smith and special teamers A.J. Moore, Buddy Howell and Trevor Daniel were on the squad. The year before, linebacker Dylan Cole made it. Every season a rookie who wasn't picked in the Draft winds up forcing his way onto the roster, and it will likely happen in 2019. Keep your eye on the running back position, in particular this year.

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