The Leftovers: Draft possibilities, XFL prospects, free agency

Drew Dougherty is the Host of Texans TV. On a weekly basis he answers a few questions from fans in his "Dear Drew" video. The ones that he can't get to, are answered below.

Archie Kirkland: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans will look at players in the XFL?
DD: Absolutely, and they're already doing so. On Tuesday during a Combine press conference, GM/Head coach Bill O'Brien said "any time football's being played, I think any coach would tell you that whether it's CFL, XFL, wherever it is, you're watching those games." O'Brien also praised the Houston Roughnecks, saying they're "fun to watch", they "have a good quarterback" and that head coach June Jones is doing a good job. XFL players can sign with NFL teams on Monday, April 27 of this year. That's the day after the XFL title game, and two days after the NFL Draft finishes.

@crewchief5: Dear Drew, Are the Texans and NFL going to play this year? Do the players and league have a contract?
DD: Yes, and no. The current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) runs through the 2020 season, so there will be football this fall. The NFL owners and the NFL Player's Association have been negotiating, and the NFLPA will soon vote on whether or not to agree to the new deal.

Andrew Gonzales: Dear Drew, could the Texans look at a Running Back in the Draft? Maybe a Johnathan Taylor who models his game after Arian Foster one of the Texans greats, would love to see that kind of running from our team?
DD: Andrew, running back is definitely a position I could see the Texans spending a pick on in late April. Taylor was a really productive back at Wisconsin, and is a very impressive prospect. There's a chance he could be available when the Texans are selecting. Depends though, on what other prospects are around at that point too.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, Should we be excited about Cal McNair and the new regime?
DD: I'm excited, and it's mainly because Deshaun Watson is the quarterback. I think McNair would echo that, O'Brien said so earlier this week and has repeatedly said it the last few years. One big note to come from the Combine press conference on Tuesday was that Tim Kelly will call the plays in 2020. He's a creative guy who has worked very closely with Watson the last few years, and I think this is a very positive development. Over the last year, we've seen the Texans be extremely aggressive in adding pieces via trade, the waiver wire, and free agency. I think the players they've added, and the ones to come in the next few months will make for an exciting mix in 2020 and beyond.

@debbiethetexan: Dear Drew, Why is the Combine always held in Indy? Will it ever be held elsewhere?
DD: Debbie, great to hear from you. The Combine has been in Indianapolis since 1987 because it's extremely convenient. The stadium is connected to the convention center, which is connected to a slew of big hotels. Nobody really needs a car once they get downtown, because it's all walkable. It's a central location, in the middle of the country, so the flights aren't too tough. Unfortunately, it sounds like the Combine will move to Los Angeles in a few years. That's not official, but there's a chance.

Clinton Polasek: Dear Drew, Who do you think would be the best free agent for the Texans to sign?
DD: Any number of cornerbacks and pass rushers could really help the Texans for 2020. Adding quality and quality depth to the defense will be a big point of emphasis this offseason.

Stan Ford Mazyck: Dear Drew, With having one of the best catching running backs in the league and not a great offensive line why was there zero halfback slip screens called last year when the blocking on that play looks similar to the regular pass blocking a lot of times and if executed correctly gets the most out of Duke Johnson?
DD: I'm not sure exactly why that particular play wasn't called, but I do know the Texans liked what Johnson brought to the mix catching balls out of the backfield. I certainly expect his touches to go up in 2020, regardless of who else is in the running backs room with him.

CW Ramos: Dear Drew, Will the new G.M. hire coaches?
DD: Yes, and he has. O'Brien announced earlier this week the news that had been reported by many about a month or so ago: Anthony Weaver is the new defensive coordinator, taking over for Romeo Crennel, who is now an associate head coach. Mike Rumph will coach the linebackers, D'Anton Lynn the cornerbacks, with Brian Cushing and Akeem Dent assuming bigger roles on the defensive side of the coaching staff.

@956TXN: Dear Drew, First time in a long time that I won't watch the 1st round of the draft. What should I do with that time?
DD: Read a good book. I just finished Jason Matthews 'Red Sparrow' trilogy and it was outstanding. Give it a whirl.

Sergio Jaramillo: Dear Drew, Do you think we have a chance to sigh Derrick Henry this free agency?
DD: There's a chance, yes. But I think it's a very slim one. I believe he'll be back with Tennessee.

Chris DuPont: Dear Drew, Horns Up... OL or LB which do we draft, which do we target in free agency?
DD: Drafting either wouldn't stun me, but I think if I had to choose one or the other in your scenario, the Texans would likely target an offensive lineman in free agency and draft an outside linebacker. But then again, they could also draft both, and sign one of each, too.

@HoustonBig3: Dear Drew, Are you a Jedi?
DD: I wish.

@jharrisfootball: Dear Drew, Who is the better looking half of the 'In The Lab' podcast crew? Signed, Interested Party.
DD: Heh, heh, heh.

@ATexanNamedRyan: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans will go after Henry or Jadeveon Clowney if they end up being available in free agency?
DD: No. I do not.

Check out shots of current Texans offensive players from previous NFL Combines. (Photos via AP Images)

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