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The Leftovers: Draft trades, O-line chatter & games to watch

Roman McPeake: Dear Drew, First, do you see the Texans trading up in the first trade with someone like the Dolphins or Falcons to get one of the better OL? Second, do you know if there will be any former or current Texans players at the draft?
DD: I don't, and yes. General manager Brian Gaine emphasized Thursday how loaded the Draft's second round will be, so if the Texans were to make a trade, I think it would be to acquire more picks in this Draft and/or next year's. As far as Texans at the Draft, DeAndre Hopkins will be there to announce the second round selection.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, How important is having 10 days to prepare for the Patriots and what is Bill O'Brien's record after the bye week?
DD: The more time, the better, Derwin. I'm sure O'Brien prefers having 10 days as opposed to the customary six. Since he took over in 2014, the Texans are 4-1 in the weeks after the bye, so his track record is pretty good with that extra time. This year's post-bye opponent is the Ravens on November 17.

Willis Odika: Dear Drew, What two teams scare you the most when the Texans play them? (one home and one away).
DD: Scared isn't a word I'd use, because I'm not on the field taking hits. But I think the defending Super Bowl champs will be a tough home game, and I think the road trip to Kansas City will be tough as well. Two great quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Pat Mahomes, and they're the triggermen in two potent offenses.

Joe Cardner: Dear Drew, I've seen a couple media reports which suggest the Texans could trade Jadeveon Clowney for some draft capital. I'd hate to see him go. Your thoughts on it?
DD: I'm a fan of his as well, and based on what we heard from Gaine Thursday, the Texans want him back too. They put the franchise tag on him earlier this offseason, and Gaine said Houston is hopeful they'll get a long-term deal done with Clowney.

Ian Cottle: Dear Drew, You've answered a lot of concerns with the first three picks in the first two rounds. In the third round do you see that pick being when the Texans will look at a RB/WR?
DD: That makes a lot of sense, Ian. Yes, if the Texans snare the offensive linemen and cornerbacks they think can help with those first three picks, then it wouldn't surprise me at all to see them look for more offensive weapons. Houston wants to roll with more running backs in the stable than they did in 2018, when Lamar Miller and Alfred Blue split the carries.

Chris Royal: Dear Drew, How do they expect to improve the protection on the Offensive Line if there are no changes made to a weak position group?
DD: Chris, the changes may not be the ones you like, but the line you see in 2019 will be different than the one you saw last season. They think a combination of seasoning, competition from within and new talent through the Draft will help upgrade things up front. The Texans also think Deshaun Watson will get rid of the ball sooner, and the backs, tight ends and receivers will do better blocking too. As far as changes on the line go, right now, the right tackle is a new one in Seantrel Henderson. At left tackle, Matt Kalil will compete with Julién Davenport for the starting job. In his second year, there's a good chance Martinas Rankin pushes Senio Kelemete for the starting job at left guard. Plus, the Texans are certainly using one of their first picks, if not more, on offensive linemen in the Draft. I'd love to pluck Anthony Munoz and Bruce Matthews and Mike Munchak and Jackie Slater in their primes and put them on the Texans, but the DeLorean's out of plutonium.

Jon Hathaway: Dear Drew, Are the Texans looking at anybody from the AAF league?
DD: Sure. Gaine said at the Combine in late February that he was all for the AAF and the XFL, because "from a personnel standpoint, we're excited about that chance to evaluate other players." With that in mind, the Texans definitely kept tabs on that league and it's players.

Jason McLeod: Dear Drew, With the loss of so many players in the secondary do you think there is a good chance that the team drafts a safety or corner with the 23rd pick?
DD: Safety, no. Cornerback, yes. I think the Texans would like it most if a good tackle slid to 23, but if that doesn't happen, there's a good chance one of the good corners might be available. If neither happens, and the Texans aren't enamored with the choices at 23, I think they'll strongly consider trading back.

Matt Brawley: Dear Drew, Any plans to integrate Fortnite into the stadium experience?
DD: Matt, the Texans had a dance video with Fortnite last season. I spoke with my sources who said there's a chance we'll see some Fortnite influences in 2019.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, With the schedule being set and the defenses we face who or what will be the biggest X-Factor in keeping DW4 from being sacked/hit as much as he was last year?
DD: The 2 biggest X-factors are Watson himself, and whichever rookie offensive lineman gets drafted. Watson and O'Brien have both talked about the need to get rid of the ball a little more quickly when it looks like trouble is on the way. As far as the rookie lineman or linemen, we'll see how quickly they can get acclimated to the pro game.

SergioBecca Jaramillo: Dear Drew, Are you traveling to London with the team for the Jaguars game?
DD: I sure am, and I can't wait. I have an awesome job, and now I get to go overseas with it!

Joseph Boyd Drew, Texans have been making a lot of moves. This is great to see. What kind measures are the staff taking to ensure everyone gets up to speed while forming that chemistry during offseason training? Very excited by the way.

Alfredo Portillo: Dear Drew, Last year you suggested I to go to Denver for my first away game and we went had a great time. What do you suggest this year?
DD: Nice, glad you enjoyed the Denver trip. You also got to see the Texans win. This year, if you can make it happen, try London. How many times can you go overseas AND see your favorite football team. If you want to stay within the country, Baltimore and Los Angeles are fun trips because of all the other things you can do in the area leading up to the game.

Joe Cardner: Dear Drew, Has a date for individual ticket sales been announced?
DD: Not yet, Joe. But that will normally happen in late July.

Ramiro Rodriguez Drew Drew, Why do we always play the Cowboys every preseason?
DD: Because they're close. It's that simple. You can fly between the cities in less than an hour. Plus, you know the games are indoors, so the players won't melt during the month of August.

Kerry Hamilton: Dear Drew, Do you think it's worth trading up in first round to grab a top OL prospect or just wait and take what they consider the best OL left available?
DD: Only if you don't have to give up too much to get the guy you want. Gaine said it was tough not having a pick last year until the third round, so having three in the first two rounds is a welcome change.

Lori Wingard Bushnell: Dear Drew, With Kareem Jackson off to Denver, will there be a new Texans player reporter? Hope so…
DD: Of course! Kareem's one of our all-time favorites, and we'll miss him. But I think you'll enjoy who we have lined up for 2019.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, Now that the schedule is out, which home game are you most excited about this season? I need help deciding which games to get tickets for!
DD: It's always cool watching one of the greatest of all time in Tom Brady, so I'm looking forward to the Patriots game in December. I'll also be excited for the home opener against the Jaguars in September.

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