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The Leftovers: Improvements, the schedule & camp tidbits

Drew Dougherty of Texans TV answered a few questions from fans in the video above. He answered quite a few more in the article below.

Christopher Scott: Dear Drew, What's your prediction for Most Improved Player this year?

DD: WR Keke Coutee. When he played last year he was effective, but hamstring injuries limited him to six regular season games and the one playoff loss. I think the injury problems with him are in the rearview mirror, and he's going to be a reliable and explosive target for Deshaun Watson. He'll also help draw a bit of attention, defensively, from DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller, V.

Reuben Saucedo: Dear Drew, How's the o-line looking? Is our pass blocking better than last season? Which rookie is standing out?
DD: Ask me again in October, Reuben. Tough to tell one week into camp, but I think you're going to see an improved offensive line from 2018. Tytus Howard and Max Scharping are the two drafted rookies up front, and thusfar, they look legit. Don't know exactly where they'll play up front yet, but there's a good chance the tandem will start and start soon.

Samantha Hallas: Dear Drew, I'm so excited to be attending the last training camp practice on the 15th! What's the best way to get lots of autographs while I'm there (including yours too)?
DD: Nice, Samantha, we look forward to seeing you. Do your best to get in the front row, and I'm pretty sure you'll get taken care of for autographs. Make sure you bring a few Sharpies, and a few players will sign I bet. And if I see you, I'll be happy to take a photo with you and sign whatever.

Dustin Terral: Dear Drew, Can you name the longest tenured current player in the NFL from Baylor?
DD: Unless kicker Matt Bryant signs with a team, it's Houston Texans Pro Bowl long snapper Jon Weeks. Nobody's been with the Texans longer on the current squad, as Weeks signed a free agent deal back in the 2010 offseason. Year 10 is coming soon for Weeks.

Paul Young: Dear Drew, What are the chances of Greg Mancz making the 53? Personally I think we need him in there. He is our only rottweiler of a player. One who will finish the play/player off no matter where the ball is.
DD: The chances are really good, Paul. Mancz has been a reliable lineman for awhile now. Started the entire season at center in 2016, has started a handful of games at guard the last two years, and is one of the vocal leaders and most spirited players up front. He's smart, tough, dependable and knows the offense.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, When will they release or have they released themes for the games?
DD: Hi Derwin, they released that on July 19. The info is all **HERE**.

Heather Garza: Dear Drew, With a tough schedule, who do you think will be our toughest team to play this season?
DD: The schedule's hard every year. But as far as the toughest: it's hard to pick any team other than the defending Super Bowl champions. The Texans host the Patriots on Sunday, December 1 at NRG Stadium. That'll be a hard one, and the one I'd tab as the toughest. Opening on the road in New Orleans isn't easy either. Plus, the Colts beat the Texans the last two times they played, so Indianapolis will be tricky too.

Preston Pickens: Dear Drew, Do you believe we'll have a winning record with how tough this years schedule is?
DD: I do. As long as Deshaun Watson is under center, I'll be confident in this team. He's entering his second full season, and he's got a slew of weapons around him. I'm very bullish on the possibilities.

Adrian Medina: Dear Drew, Last year we saw the Texans have a rough start in the season. Do you think it had to do with the veterans not playing much in the preseason games, and will they play more this year?
DD: I don't think that was it, Adrian. O'Brien's never really played his veterans much during the four games in August. The Texans will practice against the Packers and the Lions, and the starters will get a lot of work done during those practices, so they won't likely play much, if at all, in the first two games. They may get a bit more work against the Cowboys, but not a whole lot.

Javier Hu: Dear Drew, What changes have been made to the coaching staff this year in comparison to last year?
DD: Tim Kelly went from being tight ends coach to offensive coordinator, and Carl Smith is the new quarterbacks coach. Will Lawing took over for Kelly. Former Texans Andre Johnson, Brian Cushing, T.J. Yates and Akeem Dent all joined the team in assistant roles. Smith has been an assistant in the NFL since the mid-1980's, and most recently worked with Russell Wilson in Seattle.

Check out some of the best shots from Day 6 of training camp in Houston.

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